The Executive Student Committee is made for the students by the students to help presidents improve their student chapters. Our goal is to be a resource for open and honest communication between all Student Chapter Presidents, Advisors, and National Board Members. The AIChE Executive Student Committee is composed of at least 18 Regional Liaisons, with a minimum of 2 from each of the 9. Each pair of Regional Liaisons are elected in the Spring of the prior academic year from a majority vote of leaders from all chapters in their region. Regional Liaisons serve as a RL-elect for 6 months and a RL for a term of one year. Regional Liaisons terms commence and end at the AIChE Annual Student Conference.

8 Regional Liaisons will hold secondary roles as Student Cabinet Members.  The Student Cabinet Member positions are:

  • Chair
  • Chair-Elect
  • Vice Chair
  • Vice Chair-Elect
  • Division/Forum Chair
  • Local Section Chair
  • Young Professional Chair
  • Webmaster

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