The Executive Student Committee (ESC) is the Institute's only student-run committee intended to help Student Chapters get the most out of AIChE. More specifically, the ESC seeks to:

  • Help improve Student Chapters
  • Encourage inter-chapter communication
  • Serve as the liaison between Student Chapters and AIChE staff and the Student Chapters Committee (SCC)
  • Motivate Student Chapter members to be active in other aspects of AIChE
  • Encourage Student Chapter members to continue their relationship with AIChE beyond graduation

The ESC also runs presidents meetings at the Annual Student Conference and Student Regional Conferences.


Currently, the ESC is comprised of an Executive Committee and eighteen subcommittees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Programming Director, Global Director, and National Director, Marketing & P.R. Director, and Past Chair provides leadership and direction for the ESC. The Executive Committee oversees the eighteen subcommittees.

Sister Chapter Subcommittee

The Sister Chapter Subcommittee helps promote and support the Sister Chapter Program. The subcommittee helps Student Chapters find a Sister Chapter, encourages Sister Chapters’ continued engagement, and works with the Publications Subcommittee to spotlight Sister Chapters.

Publications Subcommittee

The Publications Subcommittee seeks to keep Student Chapters informed and connected with each other. The subcommittee compiles the monthly ESC newsletters, sharing announcements and features of Student Chapters’ activities. Additionally, the subcommittee manages the ESC website and social media.

Conference Experience Subcommittee

The Conference Experience Subcommittee seeks to improve attendees’ Annual Student Conference and Student Regional Conference experiences. More specifically, the subcommittee strives to facilitate communication between AIChE student conference host schools globally, help generate interest among Chapters in holding a Student Regional Conference, and campaign to increase participation in AIChE student conferences and their affiliated competitions and events.

Regional Subcommittees

The ESC organizes Student Chapters into one of fourteen regions based on geographic location. Each region has its own dedicated Regional Subcommittee, comprised of a Regional Chair and a subcommittee of Regional Liaisons, that seek to help improve Student Chapters and connect them with each other.


Committee member positions are open to Student Chapter members. If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the ESC, please contact us at

For more information about the ESC, view the ESC Bylaws

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