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Welcome to the Executive Student Committee’s website. We are the Institute’s only student-run committee, and we seek to help Student Chapters get the most out of AIChE. The ESC provides a variety of resources and programming opportunities for Student Chapter leaders. On our website, check out the ESC Officer Central to find guides, interviews, and other resources to help grow and improve your Student Chapter. You can also find on the website information about the Sister Chapter and K-12 Outreach programs and how your Student Chapter can participate in them. Receive the latest ESC resources and programming announcements directly to your inbox monthly by subscribing to the ESC newsletter

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AIChE Sister Chapter Program Announcements

The ESC is excited to announce the formation of an ESC Sister Chapter Subcommittee, changes to the Sister Chapter program, and updated requirements for its participation. Formation of an ESC Sister Chapter Subcommittee In order to better assist the Sister Chapter program, the ESC has recently...

ESC 2017-2018 Academic Year in Review

Interested in hearing what the ESC has been up to lately? Check out the ESC "2017-2018 Academic Year in Review" to read some of the highlights from this academic year and a preview of what is to come. ESC 2017-2018 Academic Year in Review

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Recent Events

Oman Chem-E-Car Competition

Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 7:00am EST
Posted by Anna Wagner
We are excited to announce a Chem-E-Car Competition held and organized by the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) AIChE Student Chapter. The competition will be held at the SQU Sports Complex in Muscat, Oman. By planning such an event, the SQU Student Chapter hopes to guide chemE's toward finding...Read more