Executive Student Committee (ESC) Community

The Executive Student Committee (ESC) is the Institute's only student-run committee intended to help Student Chapters get the most out of AIChE. 

The ESC seeks to:

  • Help improve Student Chapters
  • Encourage inter-chapter communication
  • Serve as the liaison between Student Chapters and AIChE staff and the Student Chapters Committee (SCC)
  • Motivate Student Chapter members to be active in other aspects of AIChE
  • Encourage Student Chapter members to continue their relationship with AIChE beyond graduation

ESC members serve as liaisons that regularly communicate with the Student Chapters in their region. The ESC also runs presidents meetings at the Annual Student Conference and Student Regional Conferences.

Committee member positions are open to Student Chapter members. If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the ESC, please contact us at

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Presenting our 2018 AIChE Annual Student Conference Facebook Frame

We are excited to present our 2018 AIChE Annual Student Conference Facebook frame! The frame is brought to you by the ESC in its partnership with Cairo University AIChE Student Chapter. Show your AIChE pride for the 2018 ASC by adding the Facebook frame to your own profile picture. Here's how to...

ESC 2017-2018 Academic Year in Review

Interested in hearing what the ESC has been up to lately? Check out the ESC "2017-2018 Academic Year in Review" to read some of the highlights from this academic year and a preview of what is to come. ESC 2017-2018 Academic Year in Review

ESC March Madness Bracket Challenge Group Results

Bracket Results: Rank Bracket Points 1st University of Maine 117 1st Johns Hopkins University 117 3rd Oklahoma State University 114 4th North Carolina State University 100 5th Kettering University 93 6th University of Maryland, Baltimore County 91 7th University of Michigan 88 8th University of...

2018-2019 ESC Election Results

We're pleased to announce the election results for our 2018-2019 ESC Board members: Chair: Fahima Rafiqi , Vice Chair: Yash Jain , National Director: Michaela Stranski , Global Director: Ahmad Yousry Muhmmad , global...

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