Publications Subcommittee



The Publications Subcommittee informs Student Chapters of AIChE news and activities. The Publications Subcommittee compiles the monthly ESC newsletter, contributes student-written ChEnected blog posts, and manages the ESC website and social media.

Monthly ESC Newsletters

The Publications Subcommittee of the ESC sends monthly ​ESC newsletters​ to Student Chapter leaders worldwide. An ESC newsletter typically includes an ESC Officer Central resource, an ESC “Show-and-Tell” Video, a Student Chapter feature, and a Sister Chapter feature. To make a request or write for the ESC newsletter, please contact the Publications Subcommittee.

The Publications Subcommittee has three departments :

  • Graphics department
  • Content & Communication department
  • Social Media department

Subcommittee Chair helps coordinate and lead the Publications team under the guidance of the Marketing Director.

Graphics Department

Chairs - Joey aby rizk, ramchandra prajapat  

The Graphic Designers are responsible for designing our logos and any materials we produce for social media or ESC.

Content & Communication Department

Chair - Vaishnavi paramekanthi                       

The Content & Communication Chair establishes marketing materials such as blog posts, and newsletters.

The webmasters maintain the ESC website to ensure that all information is current and up-to-date. The team is also dedicated to enhancing various website features to better the presentation of materials.

ChEnected is an AIChE blog made for chemical engineers, featuring a variety of topics from chemical engineering practice to sustainability to professional development. The ESC contributes student-made blog posts. The ChEnected writers produce a ChEnected post every week.

Social Media Department

Chair - Nora aoun                          

Social Media Coordinator is responsible for posting and helping to create content for social media, as managing and helping to grow the social media account.

Update the activities of ESC on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and YouTube!