K-12 Outreach Program


The K-12 Outreach Program seeks to connect AIChE Student Chapters with each other and with K-12 students. Student Chapters are encouraged to share their experience in K-12 outreach through modules that contain information about science demonstrations and experiments that they've found to be most successful. By making such resources available, the ESC hopes to engage more Student Chapters in K-12 outreach. Grow your understanding of chemical engineering principles, practice your presentation skills, and give back!

How to Participate

Student Chapters can participate by following a module or by submitting a new module.

Follow a Module

  1. To follow a module, visit the list of available modules.
  2. Look through the module details such as audience age, budget, time required, and more to select a module.
  3. Click on the full module for complete instructions.
  4. After completing a module, submit a feedback survey. Please submit a survey even if you don't have feedback so that we can track how popular a module is.

View Modules

Submit a Module

  1. View previously submitted modules to understand what is expected of a module.
  2. To submit a module, please complete this Google form. You will be asked to upload a word document containing the objective(s), materials, procedure, and theory behind the module. A template for the required word document can be viewed here. After submitting the Google form, please notify us at
  3. The form submitter will hear back from the ESC within 1-2 weeks of submission.

Submit a Module

Participate in the AIChE K-12 STEM Outreach Competition

  1. Refer to the competition website for details about the event.
  2. Submit an outreach module following the instructions provided above.
  3. After receiving notice from the ESC K-12 Outreach Subcommittee, submit an entry form to participate in the competition.

Questions? Contact us at