AIChE Community Counts Program | AIChE

Join any number of the diverse communities that fit your own personal interests. Each community is its own micro-society, with their own unique benefits and opportunities. Here are some communities we thought you might find interesting:

Management division

The Management Division facilitates a networking base, training, and opportunities to present topics pertinent to Technical Management, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and other management roles and responsibilities that chemical engineers typically need as they advance in their careers. Learn more.

Education division

The Education Division promotes the education of chemical engineers as it pertains to educational research, scholarly teaching, and applications to include the broader endeavors which encompass education, such as those which are part of the Division's programming commitment. Learn more.

Materials Engineering & Sciences Division

The MESD provides opportunities for chemical engineers and scientists interested in materials to exchange information primarily through our programming at AIChE meetings. Currently, the MESD encompasses five materials areas: Polymers (8A), Biomaterials (8B), Inorganic Materials (8D), Electronic Materials (8E) and Composites (8F). The division coordinates AIChE activities in the field of materials with other societies and encourages the introduction of materials-related topics in chemical engineering education. Learn more.

Computing & Systems Technology Division

The Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Division is responsible for the wide range of activities within AIChE that involve the application of computers and mathematics to chemical engineering problems including process design, process control, operations, and applied mathematics. Learn more.

Fuels & Petrochemicals Division

The Fuels & Petrochemicals Division (F&PD) provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among chemical engineers engaged in all phases of fuels and petrochemicals activities. It provides leadership, assistance and expertise as suited to the Institute, industrial, education, and governmental groups related to the field's activities, including safety, health and environment. Learn more.