Environmental Division (ENV)

2016 is off to a running start for the AIChE Environmental Division!

The Division’s main mission is to further the application of chemical engineering in the environmental field.  We do this primarily by providing programs on environmental topics of current interest at the AIChE national meetings; promoting technical communication of environmental chemical engineering activities (e.g. through our journal, Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy), and coordinating the Institute’s activities with other societies active in the environmental field.

My goals for 2016 as Division Chair include the following:

I will continue the efforts of previous chairs to increase the profile of our division throughout AIChE. I have also begun working to establish or strengthen connections with other professional organizations with similar interests and goals to ours, including ACS Environmental Chemistry Division and AAEES.

Finally, I will work towards the Division’s perennial goal of more fully engaging the industrial subset of our membership, via targeted projects, programming, and member benefits. I hope to see you at the 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco!

V. Faye McNeill

2016 Chair, AIChE Environmental Division


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2018 Environmental Division Graduate Student Award Winner Announced

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