2nd Solar Energy Systems Conference | AIChE

We are soliciting presentations from experts from universities, national labs and industries to report on innovations to materials discovery and design, process (transport and kinetic), system-scale, and data-driven modeling, and marketing and commercialization activities on the broad topics pertinent to solar energy systems. Topics include solar-fuel generators, thermal energy storage, solar process heating, solar desalination and wastewater treatment, industry representation of technological challenges and outlook for concentrated solar power, grid-scale power generation and energy storage applications.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

Conference Topics

Solar Fuels

Materials-to-reactor-scale development, technoeconomic and lifecycle analyses for photoelectrochemical and thermochemical pathways for solar-fuels production via water splitting, carbon dioxide splitting and ammonia production; benchmarking solar-fuel technologies; roadblocks and challenges for solar-fuel processes, both, low and high-temperature approaches

Thermal Energy Storage and Heat-Transfer Media

Advances in materials-to-device scale development of (solar) thermal energy storage technologies including sensible, latent and thermochemical storage; innovations in heat-transfer media development for thermal energy storage applications; prediction heat and mass transfer processes; heat-transfer media and heat-exchanger designs for the next generation of concentrated solar power applications; advanced and next-generation heat-exchanger design, development, and manufacturing

Solar Energy for Process Heating and Water Treatment

Materials, device and technology descriptions for using solar energy for food processing, chemicals production, water desalination, photocatalysis for water treatment

Process and System Modeling Innovations

Multiscale transport phenomena modeling (mass, momentum, energy,  radiative intensity, species and charge) and reaction kinetics for solar-fuel generators and thermal energy storage applications; data-driven models and machine learning for accelerated materials and device designs; system models for scheduling and operation for grid-scale energy storage; advanced controller

Industry Representation and Commercialization

Engage businesses, industries, and entrepreneurs to discuss market-based solutions for solar power and energy-storage; strategies for cost-effective renewables; energy and climate goals coupled with economic growth