Todd Deutsch | AIChE

Todd Deutsch

Senior Scientist
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Deutsch performed his graduate studies on III-V semiconductor water-splitting systems under the joint guidance of Dr. John Turner (NREL) and Prof. Carl Koval in the Chemistry department at the University of Colorado-Boulder. He officially joined NREL as a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Turner’s group in 2006 and became a staff scientist two years later. Since 2014, he has led NREL’s applied water splitting program that aims to identify and characterize appropriate materials for economically generating hydrogen fuel from water using sunlight as the only energy input. His work has focused on inverted metamorphic multijunction III-V semiconductors and corrosion remediation strategies for high-efficiency water-splitting photoelectrodes. In the last couple years he been funded to develop advanced bipolar membranes for reversible fuel cells and CO2 electrolyzers. The CO2 electrolyzer project is a multi-lab program that aims to invent CO2 electrolyzers that can electrocatalytically reduce CO2 to useful chemicals and fuels at industrially-relevant rates. Dr. Deutsch has been honored as an Outstanding Mentor by the United States Department of Energy, Office of Science nine times in recognition of his work as an advisor to over thirty students in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship program at NREL. He received a B.S. in Chemistry, cum laude, from Humboldt State University and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Colorado-Boulder.