Martin Roeb | AIChE

Martin Roeb

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Dr. Martin Roeb holds a diploma in chemistry from the University of Cologne and a doctoral degree in physical chemistry from the same university. Since 1999 he has been working as a scientist, project manager and group leader in DLR’s Solar Research Division in the field of solar high temperature applications. He took over the lead of the team “high temperature solar chemical engineering” in 2010. He has been work package leader and coordinator of several domestic and EU projects on solar high temperature processes and in particular on solar fuels. His research interests address processes and materials related to solar thermochemical water and CO2 splitting, solar upgrading of hydrocarbons, high temperature electrolysis and solar recycling and production processes of chemical commodities. He has been involved in international cooperation in the context of EERA, IEA, the IPHE and SOLARPACES. He used to be the DLR representative in the project HYDROSOL, which has been awarded by the Eco Tech Award Expo 2005, the Technical Achievement Award of the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy 2006 and the Descartes Prize 2006 for Scientific Collaborative Research.