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IDEAL Star Award

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The IDEAL Star Award is given to individuals and teams who excel in creating and promoting successful IDEAL programming and inspire others by creating learning opportunities for IDEAL. This award recognizes exceptional people who have shown unwavering dedication and commitment to advancing the values of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-racism, and Learning (IDEAL) in the field of chemical engineering and related STEM fields. Recipients of the award have planned and executed programming, workshops, or other targeted activities to promote IDEAL learning opportunities at any age level. This award is administered by the Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC) and can only be won once in a person’s career. 

Recipients of this award will receive registration to an AIChE conference, an award plaque, and a stipend. The stipend amount will vary based on the available funding and can be utilized for either the Fall or Spring conferences. It remains valid for one year from the award date.  

In addition, the awardees will have the opportunity to share their expertise by participating in a panel discussion, where they can share their experiences and insights on creating successful IDEAL programming and learning efforts. This panel discussion aims to help future AIChE leaders learn from their experience and promote the continued growth of IDEAL initiatives. 

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Online Application Form


The IDEAL Star Award is open for nominations from both individuals and teams. All AIChE members, including those from academia, students, and industry professionals, are eligible to apply. In the case of team nominations, one person can be selected to represent the team and participate in the conference activities on behalf of the team. This inclusive approach allows for recognition and participation from a diverse range of individuals and teams within the AIChE community. 


Previously IDEAL Start awarded programs included: 

  • Unconscious Bias Workshop (link
  • Safe Zone Ally Training Workshop (link


To ensure successful applications, please consider the following guidelines: 

  1. Clearly describe the candidate's activity, emphasizing its impact on the chemical engineering and related fields community. It is important to provide a comprehensive understanding of the significance and outcomes of the activity. 
  2. Articulate how the candidate's activity aligns with the IDEAL values established by AIChE. Explain the connections between their efforts and the principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-racism, and Learning (IDEAL) in a concise and understandable manner. 
  3. Offer specific and concrete examples to illustrate the candidate's future contributions and engagement in IDEAL programming and with the Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC). Outline the planned initiatives and describe how these efforts will further promote IDEAL values within the AIChE community. 

By adhering to these guidelines, applicants can ensure clarity and effectiveness in conveying their achievements, alignment with IDEAL values, and commitment to future IDEAL programming and engagement with SIOC. 


AdministratorsSocietal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)
Nomination Instructions


How to apply?  Submit an application packet, in a single PDF format, not exceeding a total of ten pages, including the specified document outlined in this section. The deadline for submission is September 22nd. Self-nominations are encouraged, and candidates can be re-nominated.  

Application Form

The application packet should include the following components: 

  1. Project Description and Statement of Impact: This statement should be a maximum of two single-spaced pages, containing no more than 1,000 words. It should address the three bullet points listed in the "Successful Applications Will" section above. You can include testimonials, materials used, photos of programming, quotes, and information regarding volunteer support (such as the number of attendees, viewership, assessment results, etc.). 
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV): The CV should not exceed two pages and should be formatted with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. Include contact information, current position, scholarly/professional activities, as well as activities related to efforts and learning opportunities towards IDEAL (e.g., dissertation title(s), educational research, instructional design, and innovations). If space permits, additional information can be included. 
  3. Short Biography: Provide a brief biography for each candidate, with no more than 250 words in length. 
  4. Letters of Recommendation: Include letters of recommendation, with a maximum of two pages per recommender. These letters should describe the candidate's dedication and commitment to advancing the values of IDEAL in the field of chemical engineering and related STEM fields. The letters can be from any division programming chair, member, or other member who participated in the activity. We recommend at least one letter and a maximum of 3 letters per application.  

Award Timeline (Adjusted for 2024): 

•    July 31st: Application opens 

•    September 22nd: Application Deadline 

•    September: Selection Committee review & propose recipient 

•    October 1st : Notification of status to applicants 

•    November: Award Presentation at the AIChE Annual Meeting 

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