Chem-E-Car Competition Rules


Annual Student Conference 2014 Competition

  • Regional qualifiers who know they will NOT be competing at the Annual Student Conference Competition, must let the ChE Car Organizing Committee ( know by 1 May 2014, so the committee may let the waiting list teams know in a timely manner.
  • Teams who participated in their own AIChE regional (or in an AIChE approved alternative regional) Chem-E-Car™ Competition but did not qualify are eligible to submit an application for any open slot beginning on 28 April 2014. This open application period ends on 10 May 2014. Application link:

As part of AIChE's commitment to safety in industry and laboratory environments, student teams and their advisors will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to safety awareness, safety planning, and safe practices as a standard component of their participation. All teams are required to carefully read and review Chem-E-Car documents to fully understand the requirements to safely compete at an AIChE Chem-E-Car competition.

New Rules 2014

Addendum to the Safety Rules regarding Gas Discharge

As an exception to the 'no gas discharge' rule, small amount of hydrogen discharge are allowed. A 'small amount' is considered a gas discharge below the LFL of hydrogen for the given volume of the reactor, chamber or fuel cell in which hydrogen is stored.

The following changes were incorporated in the new rules:

  • No detached syringes at the starting line
  • Clarification on gas discharge rules
  • Specifications and standards for student fittings to be used on hydrogen gas connections
  • Clarification on illegal chemical storage in hotel rooms / dorms to exempt household chemicals (salt, baking soda, etc.)
  • Clarification on no smoke discharge rule for ICE's
  • New noise restriction
  • New requirement to fill out the Safety Rules Verification Form and submit along with EDP

See Complete Rules & Examples

Note: Be sure to complete the Chem-E-Car Safety Training and Test before your Regional Conference. Participants must complete the safety tests within the year that the competition takes place, i.e. those competing in the 2014 Regional Conference competitions must complete the test in 2014.

Chem-E-Car Safety Training & Test

Chem-E-Car Safety Test Results - The list of eligible participants as of April 10, 2014.

Chem-E-Car Official Rules 2014

Chem-E-Car Safety Rules 2014

Safety Rules Verification Page 2014

EDP Safety Checklist 2014

EDP Example Package (from 2012, new 2014 rules not reflected)

Job Safety Assessment (JSA) Form (include in your EDP) 2014

Chem-E-Car Certification 2014

EDP Submission

A completed Engineering Documentation Package MUST be completed for each Regional Conference on the date listed below.

2014 Student Regional Conference Host



EDP due

NortheastUniversity of Connecticut March 7, 2014
Mid-AmericaUniversity of IowaMarch 14, 2014

University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus

February 21, 2014
SouthwestTexas A&M UniversityFebruary 21, 2014
Mid-AtlanticUniversity of VirginiaFebruary 28, 2014
Rocky MountainUniversity of UtahFebruary 28, 2014
North CentralMichigan State UniversityMarch 14, 2014
WesternUniversity of California, DavisMarch 21, 2014
Pacific NorthwestWashington State UniversityMarch 21, 2014

A photograph showing your COMPLETELY assembled car must be in the EDP. Your EDP must be a single PDF. Please merge all of the documents into a single PDF for ease in reviewing.

EDP’s will be uploaded to AIChE’s page, SharePoint will NO LONGER be used. You must be invited to to upload your teams EDP. To receive access to and instructions you must contact

Please do this well BEFORE the day it is due.