Chem-E-Car Competition® Safety Training & Test

All participants in the Chem-E-Car Competition® at the regional or national level must take and pass the test below. A list of eligible participants are listed below.


The two safety lectures below were coordinated by SAChE (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) and the Chem-E-Car Competition® committee.  Lectures Part 1 and 2 should be viewed in their entirety before taking the online test. 

The links below don't work in the Chrome browser, so please use Safari or Internet Explorer. 

Trouble viewing the video?  Part 1 PDF Format

Trouble viewing the video?  Part 2 PDF Format    


The test consists of 25 random multiple choice questions drawn from a question bank.  Once you have passed with an 80% or higher, your name will be added to a list at AIChE National which qualifies you to compete on your Chem-E-Car Competition® team.  If you fail the test, you are able to take it again.

Please be sure to include your full name and university when you access the test (e.g. Joseph A. Smith, State University) to ensure you receive credit.

If you have questions about taking the Chem-E-Car Competition® Safety Test, you can e-mail

Eligible Participants

The list of eligible participants as of March 5, 2018. This list includes all the test results from March 2017 - present. Participants must complete the safety tests within one year of competing in the competition. 

File Chem E Car Safety_Test_Results_3.5.2018