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Thinking of starting a chapter?

First find out what interest there is among your peers to start a chapter. There is a minimum of 12 student members required to start an AIChE Student Chapter at your university. If you feel there is sufficient support, you should then choose an advisor. This is typically a chemical engineering faculty member who is a member of AIChE, supports your project and can help guide your chapter as it builds momentum. Please note that the faculty advisor must be an active member of AIChE.

For more information on advisor membership rates and how to sign up, please see the website here.

To start an AIChE Student Chapter, begin by operating as a Chapter: (Elect officers, hold regular meetings and organize chapter activities). These can range from community service to social gatherings or from industrial speakers to plant tours - or any program that would be a benefit to your members.

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Benefits of Student Chapters

  • Develop project management and program planning skills

  • Hold networking and educational events with professionals

  • Participate in group competitions like the AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition®

  • Partner with an international chapter in the Sister Chapters Program

  • Host fun social events with fellow chemical engineering students 

The application must include a copy of the Bylaws for your Student Chapter. These Bylaws shall conform to AIChE's Constitution and Bylaws. Please review the by Bylaws Template and the sample of Student Chapter Activities Example below. 

AIChE Student Chapter Bylaws Example

File AIChE Student Chapter Activites Example

6 Requirements for Starting an AIChE Student Chapter

  1. 12 student members – at least twelve students from the university must become AIChE student members   

  2. 1 Faculty Advisor at your University – the chapter’s faculty advisor must be an AIChE member

  3. Supply a letter of support from your department chair and advisor 

  4. Summary of planned Chapter activities (see example above)

  5. Student Chapter Bylaws for your Chapter (using the above template)

  6. Transition plan for the Student Chapter beyond the first year of operation

Once you have compiled the list of application materials above, please  upload the complete package using the Student Chapter Application Form. Feel free to email your materials to prior to sending so that they can be reviewed.