Chem-E-Car Competition® Rules

2016 Regional Chem-E-Car Competition®  

As part of AIChE's commitment to safety in industry and laboratory environments, student teams and their advisors will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to safety awareness, safety planning, and safe practices as a standard component of their participation. All teams are required to carefully read and review all Chem-E-Car Competition documents to fully understand the requirements to safely compete at an AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition

Chem-E-Car Official Rules Regionals 2016

Chem-E-Car Official Safety Rules Regionals 2016


New Rules 2016

1. Please make note of the following rule change for 2016: Beginning in 2016, all hydrogen used on the vehicles (for instance with fuel cells) must be generated on-site or on the vehicle keeping the pressure below 5 psig (0.345 bar). Filling of vessels from a compressed hydrogen gas cylinder or commercial hydrogen canisters will not be allowed. As always, appropriate safety precautions and safe operation must be demonstrated.

2. Please note that in order to keep this competition safe for bystanders, students and competition judges, the Chem-E-Car Competition Committee is limiting the number of cars per school that can compete at a regional competition to 2 cars per school.  All the EDPS are reviewed by volunteers, with over 120 EDPS that have to be reviewed and returned in a 1 month time frame.  For questions in regards to this issue please email Sarah @

The following must be completed to compete in the 2016 Regional Chem-E-Car Competition®

1)Everyone on the Chem-E-Car Team must complete the Chem-E-Car Safety Training and Test before your Regional Conference. Participants must complete the safety tests within the year that the competition takes place, i.e. those competing in the 2016 Regional Conference competitions in April 2016 must complete the test after April 2015.

Chem-E-Car Competition ® Safety Training & Test

2)Complete all of the tasks noted in the Safety Checklist, including submitting your EDP by the deadline.  Below you will also find the JSA Form, Safety and Rules Verfication Form, Certifications Page, and the Management of Change Form which need to be included in your EDP. 

3)  After the EDP Review is complete, a review form will be emailed to your Chem-E-Car Team Captain within a month.  This review form will contain feedback and will alert your team if there is anything that violates a rule or safety rule.  Please read this review form and fix anything wrong with your vehicle prior to the competition.  You shoul use the above MOC form to document the changes made.  Please do not email the updated EDP to the Chem-E-Car Committee or AIChE staff.  Each team only reviews 1 EDP review prior to competition day.  If you do not recieve an EDP Review form back, check with Sarah Ewing @

4) Ship your car and chemicals to the designated host University before the competition.  Instructions will be emailed to all team Captains.  Please work with your University EHS department to make sure everything is shipped following DOT/ HAZ Materials Shipping laws and make sure everything is properly labeled.

5) Print and bring paper copies of your EDP with you to the competition to be reviewed by the on site safety judges.  If you have made changes, be sure to include the MOC Form. 

6) Please note that on competition day, a maximum of 5 team members in full PPE will be allowed in the chemical prep area at all times.  This limit is for safety reasons to prevent slips, trips and falls.  You may exchange out team members throughout the competition, but a maximum of 5 team members can be in the chemical prep area at all times.