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February 14, 2013
To help AIChE members better understand and better communicate about shale gas, the Public Affairs & Information Committee has helped curate valuable shale gas resources.

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Center for Energy Initiatives (CEI)

The Center for Energy Initiatives is an AIChE Industry Technology Group devoted to the development, design and efficient use of energy by chemical engineers and related professionals.

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Fuel Cells, the Hydrogen Economy and You

On The Horizon
Herbert W. Cooper
Chemical engineers will play an important role in the development and deployment of fuel cells. This primer summarizes some of the key technical and economic issues that must be overcome.

Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Operations & Maintenance
Alan Rossiter, Veerasamy Venkatesan
Managing the energy consumption of a process does not need to be complicated. This article presents some examples of less-complicated strategies.

Upgrading of Biomass-Derived Liquid to Clean Fuels

AIChE Annual Meeting
Nov 2, 2012
The objective of this study is to develop and demonstrate a viable economical pathway to produce renewable transportation fuels from cellulosic biomass such as wood chips, forest wastes, and agriculture residues.

Natural Gas Future

South Texas Section Webinar
Apr 7, 2011
Natural gas, at prices significantly below BTU parity with oil for a long time to come, will certainly play a pivotal role in world energy supply and...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Global Relationships Take Center Stage at the 2012 Annual Meeting; No Boiling Needed: Nanoparticles Convert Sunlight into Steam; Hydrogen Power Goes Mobile; Carbon Nanotubes Team Up with Graphene; New Process Brings Bendable Electronics Closer to Reality; and more.

Safety in the LNG Value Chain

Dec 12, 2012
In this webinar, presenters describe and examine potential LNG (liquefied natural gas) hazards and risk-reduction methods for the LNG value chain ―...

Fracking: The Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale

AIChE Web Forum
Nov 15, 2011
Led by experts from academia, government and industry, this interactive Web Forum presents an overview of the history, the current state of...

CEP: Update

News Update
Oxide Catalysts Get Selective; New Catalyst Challenges Platinum; Quick-Release Tape Peels with Ease; Electronic Skin Mimics the Human Epidermis

Engineering Complex Phenotypes in Industrial Strains

November, 2012
This book explains current trends and developments in engineering biocatalysts for the production of bulk chemical and biofuels from renewable biomass. The authors guide readers through the engineering of the complex traits and phenotypes needed for particular biocatalysts and bioprocesses.

Biofuels: Metrics and Challenges

AIChE Webinar
Aug 22, 2012
Learn about the critical economic, environmental and social issues that will impact a biofuels project along with the technical programs that could...

Energy (South Texas Section March 2011 Meeting)

South Texas Section Webinar
Mar 4, 2011
Dr. Holtzapple will describe the challenges of providing energy to a growing world. To address energy needs, he will show how the MixAlco process...

Challenges for Global Energy

AIChE Webinar
Apr 21, 2009
This presentation describes and evaluates the technical, political, and economic challenges involved with widespread adoption of renewable energy...

Climate Change: Engineering R/D Needed!

AIChE Webinar
Jan 13, 2009
There are large uncertainties in the climate change debate that reflect the absence of the engineering community. These uncertainties call into...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Magic Act: Electronics Disappear into their Surroundings; New Material Boasts World-Record Efficiency; Brain Cancer Studies Point to a Bio-Based Route to Nylon; Nickel Misbehaves in Li-ion Batteries, Solar Energy Gets Mixed Up

Be Smart about Column Design

Reactions and Separations
Daniel R. Summers, P.E., Mark Pilling, P.E.
Optimizing distillation equipment and processes can improve both the profitability and the greenness of an operation.

Cut Agitator Power Costs

Back To Basics
Gregory T. Benz, P.E.
Agitator power consumption can be minimized by judicious equipment selection and careful operating procedures. Follow these guidelines to reduce your plant’s energy costs. In some cases, it may be as simple as flipping a switch.

CEP: News Update

News Update
New Battery Takes Charge of its Power; Nanomaterial Reversibly Stores Hydrogen; Nanoparticles Sneak Past the Brain’s Armor ; and more

CEP: News Update

News Update
Slippery Surface Is Too Slick for Bacterial Films; New Materials Put the Brakes on Infection; ITO Flexes Its Muscles; Control Wrinkles with this Simple Method; and more

Pyrolytic Pathways to Advanced Biofuels

AIChE Annual Meeting
Oct 18, 2011
Pyrolysis is the thermal conversion of carbonaceous materials in the absence of molecular oxygen to liquids, solids and gases. In the most general...
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