2019 Battery and Energy Storage Workshop

October 21-22, 2019
The Battery and Energy Storage workshop seeks to engage chemical engineers and researchers working in the field of battery technologies to identify, communicate and explore current advancements in battery design, manufacture, and recycling. Submit an Abstract

CEP: News Update

News Update
An Embroidered Battery for Wearable Biosensors Engineers at the Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) have developed a thread-based battery that can be stitched into fabric and used to power wearable biosensors for health monitoring...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Researchers Make First Electrical Contact with Molecules In the beginning, there were room-sized computers. Over the course of mere decades, they shrank down to bulky desktops and suitcase-sized laptops. Pagers turned into chunky mobile phones by...
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