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Comparing Gate Valves and Butterfly Valves

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This article reviews two popular valve types and discusses the applications where they are most appropriate.

Industrial processes rely on valves to provide directional and volumetric control of service fluids. Dozens of valve designs exist on the market, yet each is specialized for particular applications. Selecting the incorrect valve could lead to issues as minor as mild process inefficiency to as large as mechanical failure and loss of containment. Knowing which valve will function optimally with any given process requires knowledge of multiple operating parameters, the most pertinent of which is the compatibility of valve materials to the service media. Other factors affecting valve selection include fluid viscosity, flowrates, pressure and temperature range, desired pressure drop, and purity (composition) of the service media.

This article examines butterfly and gate valves, two highly effective and popular valve types, and highlights the differences in their construction and how their respective designs affect performance in different fluid applications...

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