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New Products: November 2022

New Products

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Safety Glasses Provide Ultraviolet Protection


The Slingshot (BKFLEX-4050AFP) safety glasses provide protection against fog and ultraviolet (UV) light. With the BK-Anti-Fog+ technology fused directly to the lens, they provide long-lasting fog-free protection, beating the anti-fog standard EN166/168 set by European Standards (EN). This makes the glasses suitable for environments with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The glasses’ ANSI Z87.1/U6 UV protection eliminates 99.99% of damaging rays. The lightweight design adds comfort for the wearers through the molded nosepieces and snug earpieces that do not put pressure on the temples while keeping the glasses in place.

Brass Knuckle Safety Products

Hard Hat Reduces Heat-Related Discomfort


The V-Gard C1 is a hard hat that allows workers to stay both safe and cool when working in sunny conditions. The ReflectIR Thermal Barrier technology inside the hat reduces the inside temperature by up to 11°C by limiting the penetration of the sun’s rays into the hat. The vents provide airflow into the hat while the sweatband made of foam padding helps reduce sweat and provides additional comfort. The hard hat also has an expanded brim design to allow for more shade and protection against the sun. It can be used in areas where a traditional Type 1 hard hat is allowed.

MSA Safety

Vial Packaging Includes Integrated Desiccant


HAT-B is a vial packaging with adjustable desiccant quantity at the bottom of the tube. Its flip-top design minimizes the amount of plastic used in its production. The vial is available in two sizes with sorbent materials varying from silica gel to molecular sieves, based on different stability requirements. It is compatible with automated filling lines and is food-contact compliant, as the desiccant cannot be removed and will not come into contact with the payload. The vial is suitable for the diagnostic and nutraceutical markets.


Color-Changing Labels Indicate Vaccine Efficacy


The vaccine vial monitor (VVM) label applicator applies thermochromic labels that change color when exposed to temperatures outside the tolerable range for a set amount of time. The change will help indicate whether the product has been kept at the necessary temperature. The label applicator runs at high speeds of up to 600 pieces per minute while offering accurate label placement and fast changeover. During application, a camera verifies the label positioning and can automatically reject out-of-tolerance containers.

Weiler Labeling Systems

Engineering Services

Service Protects Against Cybersecurity Threats

The OpreX IT/OT Security Operations Center (SOC) service provides real-time monitoring of networks for potential cybersecurity threats. Using cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and machine learning (ML) tools, it collects event logs from IT/OT devices to detect cyberattacks, unauthorized access, and infiltration by malware. The service provides 24-hour protection along with analysis, consulting, and managed services through its security information and event management (SIEM) architecture.



Rotating Machinery Controller Operates Reliably


The RMS-G non-contact motion control is a zero-speed control for rotating equipment. The controller uses an inductive proximity sensor and target disc to determine whether or not a piece of equipment is rotating. It incorporates surface-mount components, allowing the circuit board to be low profile, lightweight, and reliable. It is available in a National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) 4 weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure with 120-VAC, 240-VAC, or 24-V AC/DC input power.

Conveyor Components Co.

Level Transmitter Fits in Obstructed Vessels


The Pulsar Model R80 is an 80-GHz radar level transmitter. The transmitter housing can be separated from the antenna without interfering with the process seal. Turbulence, foam, or excessive vapors have minimal effects on the transmitter. It has a measuring range of 30 m (100 ft) and the 80-GHz signal has beam angles of 4 deg. The small antennas and narrow beam angles allow for installation in vessels that may have small process connections or internal obstructions.


Differential Pressure Transmitter Offers Accurate Measurements


A new addition to its H Series platform of hardwired process instrumentation, the smart differential pressure (DP) transmitter is suitable for the petrochemical, wastewater, and upstream oil and gas markets. It can provide measurements within the ranges of –5 psi to 5 psi through –1500 psi to 1500 psi with an accuracy of ±0.075%. It offers a 100:1 turndown ratio, with all models supporting primary value (PV) reversal except for the 1500 psi solution. It has a backlit 350-deg. rotatable LCD screen and utilizes magnetically coupled integral pushbuttons both internally and externally for easy use. All models of the DP transmitter are explosionproof.


Gas Analyzer Expands Network Connectivity


The J22 tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) gas analyzer now supports Modbus TCP/IP protocol. This update allows users to communicate with their analyzers in a bidirectional, secure point-to-point manner. Utilizing a native web server will enable users to easily monitor, configure, optimize, and service the analyzer remotely. Users can access any device via a web browser on the Modbus TCP/IP network or the service port connection.


Sensors Operate Safely in Hazardous Areas


The NT-HL-750 series is a new line of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) position sensors. These sensors are suitable for hazardous and explosive environments in the presence of flammable gases or vapors due to the 3/4-in. hermetically sealed sensor and its stainless-steel construction. They have a wide temperature operating range of –28°C to 150°C and offer a reliable position measurement from ±1.0 in. up to ±10.0 in. The position sensors are approved for use in Class I, Zone 0, and Zone 2 locations, are Intertek approved, and hold an Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) mark for certified use in North America.

NewTek Sensor Solutions


Machine Learning Tool Simplifies Modeling


ALAMO is a machine learning (ML) tool that can build models through a three-step process of sampling, prediction, and optimization. It utilizes spreadsheet-like graphical user interface (GUI) that offers various input/output formats, graph options, and the ability to investigate the effect of functions, while also applying physics and chemistry constraints to the model wherever possible. The ML tool requires minimal data and can interface with other simulators to retrieve measurements and data.

The Optimization Firm

Fluids and Solids Handling

Twin Sifter Offers High Sifting Capacity


The FS4-1542 twin centrifugal sifter combines two GS4-1542 sifters into a single unit, doubling the sifting capacity to 1.92 m2 in a compact footprint to save floor space. The twin sifter separates powders, granules, and other dry materials from 40 µm to 5 mm in size into two product streams at a rate of 240 ton/hr. The design consists of a rotating paddle assembly that guides the fine particles through a mesh screen, and directs the other particles to the discharge stream at 99.9% efficiency. The unit is available in carbon steel or stainless steel with a variety of sieving screen materials and designs.

Gericke USA

Sealing System Reduces Compressor Emissions


COOK CLEAN is a sealing system designed for reciprocating compressors to reduce fugitive emissions from packing cases. The smooth packing cup surfaces and spiral wound gasket ensure a tight seal. The purge and vent seals create a near leakproof environment and reduce frictional heat, thereby extending the service life of the seal rings. With the use of the sealing system, the compressor leakage rates are limited to less than 0.75 ft3/min per throw.

Cook Compression

Operations and Maintenance

High-Cycle Lift Tables Extend Maintenance


High duty cycle packages increase the number of cycles that a lift table is capable of performing from 50,000 cycles to 200,000 cycles. The upgrade consists of more rugged and durable wear parts, along with high-strength, oversized alloy shafts and pins that are turned, ground, and polished. The increased number of cycles is suitable for applications that require frequent lifting and lowering, extending the time between maintenance intervals. The high-cycle lift tables can be integrated with other handling systems to decrease potential downtime.

Southworth Products Corp.

Machine Visualization Solution Improves Operation


PACSystems RXi human-machine interface (HMI) is a machine visualization device with a touchscreen graphical display. With ten-point multitouch capabilities, it enables easy operation by personnel regardless of training. The device is preloaded and prelicensed with Movicon WebHMI software and is HTML-5 ready, allowing collaboration between various operations, management, and maintenance teams. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures from –20°C to 65°C and is resistant to chemicals, impact, scratches, and dust. It also adheres to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62443 standards that address cybersecurity in automation and control systems.



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