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New Products: March 2022

New Products

Fluids and Solids Handling

Ball Valve Reduces Maintenance Costs


The Camseal in-line ball valve offers zero body, seat, and stem leakage on manual and actuated valves. It provides significant savings in maintenance costs, including labor, materials, and downtime. The stem-position indicator disc improves the accuracy of the stem and ball alignment into the valve seat and is self-securing to the stem. This custom-engineered disc design can align 3.5 times more accurately than traditional methods of position indication. The ball valve is available in sizes from 0.5 in. to 4 in. and pressure classes from American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 900 to 4500.


Bag Break Station Captures Dust


The Dump Clean bag break station automatically prevents fine particles from escaping into the workplace during the transfer of powders into the process from bags, sacks, drums, and other bulk containers. The bag break station features an integrated exhaust fan and cartridge filter system that continuously draws dust inside the unit before it can become airborne and collects it neatly in a discharge hopper for reuse. It reduces material waste and improves combustible dust safety. The bag break station is suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, and other materials and ingredients.

Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc.

Lump Breakers Remove Agglomerates in Conveying Systems


These lump breakers break down materials that have agglomerated in storage and turn them into free-flowing powders. The lump breakers are typically installed upstream of bulk bag unloaders, silos, and hoppers to ensure the material meets the desired particle size before entering the pneumatic vacuum conveying system. As material enters the lump breaker, a series of blades rotates to remove lumps and chunks, discharging material in a consistent flow downstream while capturing any dust generated safely within the enclosed system. The lump breakers have a stainless steel, explosionproof construction.

Volkmann USA

Bulk Bag Discharger Efficiently Transfers Bulk Solids


The BULK-OUT BFC bulk bag discharging system has an integral conditioner and bag dump station. The discharging system can transfer bulk solid materials that have solidified during storage and shipment. The integral conditioner consists of two hydraulic rams with contoured conditioning plates that press opposing sides of the bulk bag. The bag dump station features an electric hoist to easily raise and lower bags for conditioning without a forklift. The hopper can connect to pneumatic or mechanical conveyors or directly to downstream process equipment. In addition, the discharging system can be configured for weighted batch discharging with the addition of load cells and a programmable controller.



Modal Attenuator Suppresses Noise Inside Piping


The Fisher WhisperTube modal attenuator provides noise reduction in compressible fluid service to improve worker safety. The device offers 15-dB sound suppression to reduce noise inside pipes from upstream sources, such as control valves or other devices. The modal attenuator has acoustic cavities that surround a full-bore perforated tube. Each cavity generates destructive interference over a range of frequencies to provide significant noise reduction. The modal attenuator has no impact on process flow and does not generate any additional pressure drop. The devices are available in sizes from 2 in. to 12 in. with ASME flange ratings of Class 150, 300, and 600.


Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Provides Safe, Non-Intrusive Measurement


The Proline Prosonic Flow W 400 measures liquid flow using non-intrusive, clamp-on ultrasonic sensors mounted directly on a pipe’s exterior. This provides safe measurement of corrosive, abrasive, and toxic fluids — regardless of conductivity or pressure. The flowmeter can be mounted on a wide variety of pipe types and materials with or without lining, including metal, plastic, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, and composite materials. The flowmeter is available with the FlowDC function, which detects and corrects any flow disturbances to ensure measurement accuracy. The Heartbeat Technology feature provides instrumentation self-diagnostics and traceable measurement verification during operation. The flowmeter includes a built-in web server for quick access to process, diagnostic, configuration, and other instrument data via any internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


Heat Transfer

Heat Exchangers Are Suitable for Drying Processes


These custom heat exchangers provide hot air for drying processes. The exchangers can increase the temperature of 25,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) airflow from 50°F to 330°F using 145 psig steam. The exchanger design features seven identical internal cores that each have two stacked steam circuits. The seven cores are split between three housing boxes to simplify handling, shipping, and core replacement. Using identical cores also reduces parts inventory.

Xchanger, Inc.

Operations and Maintenance

Pump Packing Seals Reduce the Risk of Premature Packing Failure


The WSP Extreme seals provide long-lasting packing life for pumping applications. The seals are made of durable, fiber-reinforced elastomers. They are available in four different pressure options: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Extreme Bronze pressure ring has a fabric matrix construction with an abrasion-resistant elastomer binder that is suitable for low-pressure applications. The Extreme Silver pressure ring has a proprietary aramid fabric blend construction that minimizes wear and tear on equipment. The Extreme Gold pressure ring combines the aramid fabric matrix construction with a proprietary gold elastomer to further reduce abrasion and extend product life. The Extreme Platinum pressure ring features additional internal lubrication to extend seal life and minimize wear on plungers and stuffing box bores.

CDI Energy Products, Inc.

Materials and Chemicals

Polymer Additive Provides Antimicrobial Protection

The Broadtec PL1 19-30 additive offers water-based antimicrobial protection. It protects against microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, yeasts, algae, and fungi that damage materials and cause odors and stains. The material is added to the polymer base during production. The material’s water-based formulation makes it suitable for use in many polymer applications, including natural and nitrile rubber, latex, and various polyurethanes.

Sanitized AG

Laboratory Equipment

Fourier Transform Infrared Microscope Simplifies Materials Research


The Nicolet RaptIR Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscope collects and analyzes high-spatial-resolution data. It enables users to quickly locate and identify trace materials, inclusions, impurities, and microparticles, as well as the distribution of these materials within a sample. The microscope has a large working area and heavy-duty stage, allowing for investigation of a wide range of samples up to 4-cm thick and 5 kg in weight. In addition, the microscope features a diffraction-limited infrared objective lens that generates ultra-sharp, high-resolution images.

Thermo Fisher Scientific


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