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New Products: November 2021

New Products

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Dust Goggles Fit Comfortably


The Grasshopper goggles include a soft, comfortable foam dust filter with built-in air channels that prevent dust ingress. The filter can be removed to transform the goggles into standard protective eyewear. The lenses are constructed of durable polycarbonate and feature the company’s N-Fog antifog coating, making the goggles suitable for jobs requiring workers to transition between widely varying temperature extremes. Flexible thermoplastic rubber (TPR) temples provide hypoallergenic, nonslip comfort. In addition, the goggles are fully dielectric (i.e., contain no metal) as an extra safety measure.

Brass Knuckle Safety Products

Operations and Maintenance

Motor Is Suitable for Clean-In-Place Processes


The SIMOTICS S-1FS2 servomotor meets clean condition requirements in the food, beverage, sterile packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. The motor is available in a variety of power ratings, from 0.45 kW to 2 kW (0.60 hp to 2.68 hp) with torque from 3.1 Nm to 14 Nm (2.28 ft-lb to 10.32 ft-lb). The motor has a stainless steel housing that resists corrosion and acidic chemicals. It is suitable for clean-in-place (CIP) processes and for use with all commercially available cleaning agents used with washdown motors. Additional options include a holding brake, stainless steel shaft with or without feather key, cable tail for direct drive connection, and a MOTION-CONNECT coupling. MOTION-CONNECT is the fully assembled power and signal cable design for use on production machinery.


Control Unit Simplifies Operation of Vacuum Systems


The OmniControl unit is a universal control unit for the company’s pumps and measurement instruments. It enables comprehensive control of a complete vacuum system from a single device, combining control of the total pressure with control of the pumps. Optional gauges from the ActiveLine range (with analog output) can also be connected to the system. The 3.5-in. touchscreen and intuitive user interface ensure easy and convenient control of the vacuum system. The basic version of the OmniControl is available with or without an internal power supply. Devices without a power supply are available as a rack-mountable or mobile device for manual operation.

Pfeiffer Vacuum


Circular Connectors Are Easy to Maintain


These circular connectors for power, signals, and networking are easy to install and maintain for industrial applications. The connectors are available in M8 and M12 sizes with various pin arrangements, each following standard coding protocols for compatibility with industrial control systems, sensors, and actuators of all types. Various configurations are available for single-ended and double-ended cordsets, with straight or angled male or female connectors. Casing-mount device connectors (front lock and rear lock) with pigtails are also available, as well as solderable printed circuit board (PCB) connectors.

Dinkle International

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Features Extended-Life Oxygen Sensors


The Series 1300 oxygen deficiency monitor uses electrochemical oxygen sensors with a proprietary Enhanced Electrolyte System (EES) that extends sensor life expectancy. Users can expect sensor life well beyond five years, helping to ensure reliable and trouble-free performance. The device features an advanced digital interface that supports up to three oxygen sensors: a local sensor and/or up to two remote sensors. It is suitable for monitoring oxygen levels in environments that have closed or restricted areas containing stored or piped inert gases. The device includes an internally mounted audible alarm and visual alarm indicators. It supports up to nine individual alarms and eight remote optional addressable horn and strobe annunciators with a single monitor. In addition, the device has a built-in data logger that stores time-stamped oxygen values.

Alpha Omega Instruments

Flowmeter Delivers Reliable Operation


The FS10i flowmeter now features a safety integrity level (SIL)-2 rating, ensuring reliable performance. The flowmeter uses direct mass flow measurement, which requires no additional pressure or temperature sensors or other components. It responds quickly and reliably to both increasing and decreasing flowrate changes. The flowmeter is suitable for either liquid or air/gas applications. Both inline and insertion-style configurations are available to support installation in line sizes from 1 in. to 20 in.

Fluid Components International

Flowmeter Uses Magnetic Measurement Technology


The H Series magnetic flowmeter is suitable for oil and gas, petrochemical, and water and wastewater applications. The magnetic measurement technology is unaffected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. The flowmeter has high-quality polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lining material and an operating temperature range of –40°C to 70°C (–40°F to 158°F). It features a backlit local display interface and self-diagnostic abilities for managing critical device health. The flowmeter is available in a variety of line sizes, materials, and power options to accommodate different customer requirements.


Fluids and Solids Handling

Ultra-High-Shear Mixer Handles High Throughput


The inline ultra-high-shear mixer 700 Series is suitable for heavy-duty shear applications. It is a more efficient alternative to colloid mills, which generally have low throughput. The mixer can replace high-pressure homogenization in some applications or serve as a pre-mixer to high-pressure homogenizers to mitigate clogging and inconsistent feed quality. The mixer features the QuadSlot rotor/stator that can handle materials in the adhesive, chemical, cosmetic, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries. The QuadSlot design exposes products to four successive stages of increasing shear to balance shear and flow capacity during inline processing of emulsions, agglomerate size reduction, and gas-liquid mixing.

Charles Ross & Sons, Inc.

Laboratory Equipment

Enzyme Analyzer Streamlines Assay Applications


The Gallery Enzyme Master analyzers enable efficient, reliable enzyme analysis workflows from method development to routine analysis. The systems combine hardware and custom-designed software to deliver fully automated incubation settings, reagent additions, and precise measurement calculations. By automating these critical steps, the analyzers streamline method development and deliver reliable results for enzyme analysis. The analyzers can handle many different enzyme assays and measurement conditions, offering efficient and reliable enzyme analysis across a wide range of applications, from biopharmaceuticals to waste management.

ThermoFisher Scientific

Benchtop Evaporator Has a Small Footprint


The Genevac EZ-2 4.0 benchtop evaporator is compact and user-friendly. It is capable of drying, concentrating, lyophilizing, and crystallizing. The chemically resistant, glass SpeedTrap condenser jar is located at the front of the unit for easy visibility and simple removal and replacement. The SpeedTrap prevents vapor from escaping. This eliminates the need for a fume hood, allowing the evaporator to be located anywhere in a laboratory. The intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation and enables monitoring of operational parameters. Users can quickly access pre-set methods for frequently used protocols, a methods guide, and recorded data. The evaporator features high-power lamps that improve evaporation rates, as well as the Dri-Pure sample protection system that prevents cross-contamination and sample loss.

SP Industries


Cloud-Based Software Streamlines Industrial Cyclone Design


The high-efficiency cyclone calculator (HECyclone) provides precise cyclone performance modeling. It can predict cyclone pressure drop, quantify the impact dimensional changes have on separation efficiency over the full range of particulate sizes, and calculate total collection efficiency from a known particulate size distribution. The cloud-based software incorporates extensively validated empirical data and employs the same calculations and methods that the company uses to size and build cyclones to exact performance specifications. The software can accurately design cyclones for emissions control and valuable product recovery applications.

Heumann Environmental Co.

Materials and Chemicals

Resin Offers High Stability in Hot and Humid Conditions

The NORYL GTX 9500 resin retains its shape and performance in hot, humid environments. It maintains a better balance of mechanical properties when exposed to heat and humidity than polyamide (PA) resins, as well as comparable high-flow and high-temperature performance. It offers significantly lower water and moisture uptake than PA, even under high heat conditions (up to 150°C). In addition, the resin retains its mechanical properties (i.e., flexural modulus, tensile modulus, and flexural strength) under wet conditions. These materials are suitable for use as the base resin in carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites.

SABIC Chemical

Photopolymers for 3D Printing Deliver High Mechanical Strength


INFINAM RG 3101 L and INFINAM FL 6300 L are two photopolymers for industrial 3D printing. These synthetic resins are suitable for stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing. INFINAM RG 3101 L offers strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and durable thermomechanical performance. The 3D-printed components from this resin can be further processed by machine and remain fracture-resistant when subjected to strong forces. INFINAM FL 6300 L enables the additive manufacturing of highly flexible 3D objects with material properties that are essential for elastomers. It offers high elasticity at low temperatures and dynamic load cycles of up to one million load cycles.



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