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Emerging Voices: Reimagine Career Success: A Narrative from the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Emerging Voices

While completing my chemical engineering degree, I imagined my ideal job would be in the oil and gas or chemicals industries. However, economic downturn upon my graduation in 2008 led to hiring freezes across these industries. Luckily, I found my footing in the pharmaceuticals industry, which has allowed me to impact the lives of patients in direct and meaningful ways. While I was forced to pivot to a new path, the keys to my success as a chemical engineer in the industry include having a growth mindset, collaborating across disciplines, and driving innovation.

Having a growth mindset. One of the best aspects of my role is that I am constantly learning new things and have opportunities to gain new skills. When new data emerges that refute an existing assumption or mindset, I am forced to rethink my strategy and approach, and when I’m tasked with a new project, I’ve been able to also build new skills...

In 2014, I led the process development team for one of the highly complex small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for a Hepatitis C treatment. Mavyret was launched in 2017 with more than $11 billion in total sales to date, and treatment with Mavyret has cured more than 96% of patients across all major genotypes in just 8–12 weeks. Due to unmet medical need and exceedingly superior clinical trial outcomes,...

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