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New Products: January 2020

New Products

Fluids and Solids Handling

Accurately Fill Bulk Bags Without Creating Dust


The Model BBF loader features an inflatable fill head that ensures a dust-free seal when loading, as well as a dust port with dust cartridge. Manually adjustable bag supports for varying bag heights (from 42 in. to 60 in.) make it ideal for applications with low ceiling heights. The bag-loading surface has a pallet-retaining flange on three sides for secure loading. Many customizable features are available.

Best Process Solutions


Durable Aeration Pad Minimizes Maintenance

The model AD aeration pad is a durable solution for fluidizing dry, bulk materials. It contains internal stiffeners to improve durability and avoid crushing of the air compartment. The aeration pad comes standard with a zinc-plated steel body, but can also be constructed of stainless steel and mesh. It can service materials at temperatures up to 600°F. Most bulk materials can be aerated sufficiently with low air pressure — a minimum of only 6.5 ft3/min at 3 psi is necessary. The aeration pad can also be externally mounted using the optional external mounting kit.

Conveyor Components


Safety Cage Protects Workers During Discharge of Bulk Bags

The Bulk-Out Model BFF bulk bag discharger features a steel safety cage to prevent operators from contacting moving parts during operation. The enclosure has externally mounted controls, full-height doors, and an intrinsically safe relay (ISR) that halts operation when the door is open. The discharger is equipped with top-mounted receiving cups and a removable bag-lifting frame for forklift loading of bulk bags. A manual spout-lock clamp ring positioned on top of a pneumatically actuated, telescoping tube provides quick, dust-tight connections between the bag spout and hopper. The clamp ring also maintains downward tension on the spout as the bag empties to eliminate creases, folds, or bulges that could hinder material flow. Bag activators raise and lower opposite bottom sides of the bag at timed intervals to loosen compacted material and direct it to the discharge spout. The unit is constructed of carbon steel with an industrial finish, with stainless steel material-contact surfaces. All-stainless-steel finishes are available to meet food, dairy, or pharmaceutical standards.

Flexicon Corp.



Peristaltic Pump Now Has Single-Use Cartridge Assemblies

The evolution of cell and gene therapies brings new challenges to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The sterile ReNu single-use (SU) cartridge assemblies for the Quantum peristaltic pump provide a sterile, closed-loop pumping option to support the production of biopharmaceutical products. The cartridge assemblies have aseptic connectors, which eliminate alignment errors and allow them to be integrated directly into a customized fluid path. Three different types of aseptic connectors are available to create a simple, flexible assembly that can be easily deployed within existing systems without additional cleaning or validation steps.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Highly Purified Sucrose Improves Biomolecule Production

Sucrose is widely used as a protein stabilizer during the manufacture and formulation of biomolecules, so its quality is crucial. Sucrose Emprove Expert is a highly purified form of sucrose, which is generated using a novel purification process and advanced analytics to achieve lower levels of nanoparticulate-impurities (NPI) than conventional sucrose. It is designed to improve the batch-to-batch consistency of biopharmaceutical formulations, reduce analytical issues, and reduce the risk of damage to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).



Small Single-Use Bioreactor Promotes Optimal Cell Growth

The Biostat RM TX single-use bioreactor system with Flexsafe RM TX bags can produce cellular products, such as cellular immunotherapies, with consistent quality. Products can be cultured in working volumes up to 5 mL. The new bioreactor system guarantees consistent batch-to-batch production of sensitive cell types and is designed to allow the expansion of cell cultures, including genetically modified T cells. It is a closed system, consisting of an automated control unit and up to two rocking platforms to gently agitate the single-use bags, which ensures thorough mixing. The bags are constructed of Flexsafe film, which is already proven in the commercial-scale manufacturing of vaccines and biologic agents by major global biopharmaceutical companies. The system includes single-use sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen content, and viable biomass measurements, as well as an integrated control unit for fully automated operation and control.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech



Latest Upgrade Expands Modeling and Simulation Capabilities

Comsol Multiphysics Version 5.5 adds powerful geometry-modeling tools, faster solvers, and two new modules — the metal processing module and the porous media flow module — to expand the product suite’s modeling capabilities. The design module includes an entirely new sketching tool that makes it easy to assign dimensions and constraints to planar drawings for 2D models and 3D work planes. This new functionality is a natural part of the software’s workflow, enabling easier creation and more versatile parametric control of geometry models. New and updated solvers allow users to quickly and easily generate a wide range of simulations. For example, fluid-structure acoustics coupling and elastic-wave functionality enable efficient computations of ultrasound propagation in fluids and solids.


Software Analyzes Utility Savings for Solar Energy Storage

Energy Toolbase is a powerful program that streamlines solar project development by analyzing the economics of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies and energy storage. With Energy Toolbase, solar energy customers are able to accurately assess savings in electric utilities. StorEdge is a new integrated feature in Energy Toolbase’s software that runs 365-day dispatch simulations to determine optimal operation settings when using an LG RESU10H battery for energy storage. StorEdge is now available at no extra cost to Energy Toolbase users.

Energy Toolbase


Platform Brings New Insight and Control to Facility Management

The Opti-Vu platform combines industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology with advanced data analytics. The platform helps managers of industrial facilities and warehouses improve productivity, energy use, safety, and asset management, in both production and distribution operations. It uses a secure wireless network to access and integrate important data throughout the facility to quickly identify and rectify incidents that can impact site performance. The software collects vast amounts of data and uses analytics capabilities to correlate trends. A facility’s data can be harnessed for insight and action, and can help predict potential problems and identify opportunities for improvement in process operations. The system provides real-time alerts, so personnel can take immediate action in the event of an upset or safety hazard.



Materials and Chemicals

Anti-Slip Surface Coating Improves Personnel Safety

The Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System is a volatile organic compound (VOC)-free, anti-slip coating that provides traction and durability. It can improve the safety of many indoor and outdoor surfaces, for both personnel and vehicular traffic. Available in several formulations to meet application requirements, this eco-friendly, two-component system is compatible with existing coatings. It contains polymer grit for added traction. It can be employed for many applications, including industrial floors and worksites. The coating is applied with an epoxy roller and cures completely in 6–8 hr at an ambient temperature of 77°F (25°C).

Wooster Products


Powdered Aluminum Alloy Can Withstand High Temperatures

This new printable aluminum alloy additive is capable of high-strength performance at elevated temperatures (200–300°C). It is one of the first powdered aluminum alloy materials to meet those criteria without the need for heat treatment. The new alloy enables the printing of lighter-weight precision components than is possible using traditional manufacturing methods. It can be used to create heat exchangers and high-temperature equipment and components that require internal cooling channels and other features that cannot be obtained by machining.

QuesTek Innovations, LLC


Resin Outperforms Legacy Materials in Water-Treatment Components

The Noryl WM330G thermoplastic resin is suitable for manufacturing components for water-management applications. This 30%-glass-reinforced polyphenylene ether (PPE)-based material is resistant to impact and fatigue. It has a higher burst pressure than legacy grades, which helps system operators meet more-aggressive qualification testing. The resin can meet challenging performance objectives in emerging applications, such as in ultrasonic water meters and instant water heaters. The new resin also enables robust injection molding with minimal effects on mechanical properties.



Additive Gives Polypropylene Producers Added Flexibility

DeltaMax 5000a, the latest addition to the DeltaMax Performance Modifiers family of products, is a reactive extrusion material that allows injection molders to make stronger parts using a broader range of raw materials. The new material allows polypropylene resin producers to balance three key processing properties: high melt flow, excellent impact resistance, and good stiffness. For example, the performance modifier can raise melt flow while optimizing impact properties, so there are fewer tradeoffs when working to optimize all three properties. It is suitable for use in all market segments, including food packaging.


Pyrogenic Silica Is Ideal for Pharmaceutical Applications

HDK N20P Pharma is a hydrophilic, pyrogenic silica grade whose surface is wettable by water. It is designed for use as an excipient during the production of pharmaceutical powders, pellets, and tablets. Even in low amounts, it improves the flow characteristics of powder blends, absorbs and binds moisture from hygroscopic solids, and serves as a tablet-disintegrating agent. This new pyrogenic grade is a compressed version of the existing HDK N20 Pharma grade, a proven excipient that is widely used during pharmaceutical production. With a silicon dioxide content of at least 99.8%, both products have high purity and meet the specifications of the European and U.S. Pharmacopeia. At approximately 100 g/L, HDK N20P Pharma has a tapped density that is slightly more than double that of its uncompressed counterpart, which enables a higher degree of compaction in end products. This reduces packaging requirements for this product and streamlines product handling.

Wacker Chemie AG


Wide-Neck PET Containers Facilitate Hot Filling

The InnoPET Biomax Series V is a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) alternative to glass receptacles for hot filling of food products. With their low weight and good recycling properties, these line-compatible containers have a low carbon footprint throughout their entire lifecycle (from manufacturing to recycling). This unbreakable and highly customizable packaging option can be produced on the energy-efficient InnoPET Biomax Series V stretch blow molder (in what is known as the blow-trim process), or from preforms with a molded neck that can be crystalline, if needed. For products that are extremely sensitive to oxygen, a FreshSafe PET coating (a thin layer of glass applied to the inside of the bottle) can be added to provide a barrier coating that protects the contents.


Advanced Carbon Black Improves Tire Performance, Wear Resistance

The latest addition to this company’s family of specialty and high-performance carbon black is a novel, surface-modified carbon black for rubber applications. The new carbon black significantly reduces the energy loss and rolling resistance of tires. This increases fuel efficiency of the vehicle and reduces the tire’s carbon footprint. These products have also demonstrated excellent abrasion resistance in laboratory evaluations.

Orion Engineered Carbons S.A.


Operations and Maintenance

Limit Switches Feature Positive-Break Contacts

The C50 Series miniature limit switches are compact position switches available with four different actuator styles: plunger, adjustable plunger, roller plunger, and adjustable cap. The C50 switches have a durable fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic housing that ensures long-lasting durability, especially in common applications like motor vehicles and cabinet doors. The switches feature positive-break contacts that are normally closed (NC) and operate at 1,800 cycles/hr. The miniature switches comply with all IP30 and cCSAus requirements.

ZF Electronic Systems


Electric Motor Streamlines Portable Pipe Beveller

The Prepzilla MILL Hog internal diameter (ID) clamping end prep tool now features a powerful variable-speed electric motor. The 230-V motor operates at speeds from 9 to 31 rotations per minute (rpm) to allow for faster and more continuous pipe beveling. The 3-blade holder can bevel hard stainless steels and highly alloyed pipe at any angle, face, or bore. This portable tool is equipped to bevel piping with outer diameters from 1.575 in. to 8.625 in., and is available for rental.

Esco Tool



Sensor Overcomes Challenges of Wet-Gas Flow Measurement

The Wet Gas MASSter sensor is the latest addition to the ST80 Series flowmeters. It provides accurate, repeatable gas-flow measurement in the presence of moisture and condensation droplets. The new sensor is suitable for use in applications handling biogas, landfill gases, wastewater-treatment digester gases, and rain shielding in power plant and refinery stacks. Its internal design has a mechanical configuration that directs moisture, condensation, and water droplets away from the thermal flow sensor. This helps minimize errors and false-high readings that would arise from a cooling effect on the sensor. The ST80 series flowmeters are available for pipe diameters from 1 in. to 99 in. (25 mm to 2,500 mm) and air-gas temperatures up to 850°F (454°C). They provide an accuracy of ±1% of reading, ±0.5% of full scale, and repeatability of ±0.5% of reading.

Fluid Components International


New Smart Probes Focus on Dewpoint and Oil-in-Water

Six new smart probes have been added to the Indigo family of devices for weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. The latest additions provide dewpoint and moisture-in-oil measurements to improve process efficiency and reliability. The DMP5, DMP6, DMP7, and DMP8 dewpoint and temperature probes are optimized for low humidity and high-temperature or pressurized environments. Dewpoint measurements are particularly important in industrial drying applications, such as ovens and compressed-air systems. The dewpoint probes include the Drycap sensor, which is immune to particulate contamination, water condensation, oil vapor, and most chemicals. The sensor design allows for a reliable, two-year calibration interval. The MMP8 Humicap moisture-in-oil probe is available to measure moisture in transformer or lubrication oils to protect engines from wear and shutdown. The HMP3 Humicap humidity and temperature probe is a general-purpose remote probe suitable for duct monitoring in nonpressurized applications with moderate temperatures.



Thermoplastic Flowmeter Meets the Needs of Short Pipe Runs

The full-bore, Signet 2580 FlowtraMag magnetic flowmeter is designed for high-accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs. It features a new sensor design that has shorter inlet and outlet pipe lengths, as well as factory-certified calibration. All-thermoplastic construction provides reliable corrosion resistance, helping to provide longer, maintenance-free service life. It is available in pipe sizes of 1 in., 2 in., and 4 in. Because it is constructed of Schedule 80 polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), the FlowtraMag is less than half the weight of traditional metal magnetic flowmeters. The unit offers accuracy of ±1% of reading and repeatability of ±0.5%. The flowmeter has options for union ends or flange connections, depending on the unit size.

GF Piping Systems


Heat Transfer

System Prevents Ice Buildup When Chilling Hot Foods

The Hot Products cryogenic freezer has a precision control system that is designed to seal in moisture and increase yield while preventing ice particle formation that can occur as steam flashes from hot or moist cooked foods. Combining cryogenic and crossflow technologies, the patented tunnel freezer can reduce the dehydration losses common in other mechanical methods and conventional cryogenic freezers. Its advanced control system ensures that the specified cryogen (e.g., liquid nitrogen) flows to each of the proprietary hygienic Kryojector injectors, ensuring consistent temperatures across every batch while removing the opportunity for operator error or guesswork.




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