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New Products: August 2020

New Products

Materials and Chemicals

Phthalate-Free Catalysts Improve Polypropylene Production


The PolyMax 600 Series polypropylene catalysts serve as drop-in replacements for phthalate-based polyolefin catalysts. The catalysts feature proprietary technology that increases catalytic activity in polypropylene production by up to 25% over traditional phthalate-based catalysts. The catalysts provide high catalytic activity and strong isotacticity control to produce polymers with excellent mechanical properties and processability. The catalysts are available with different particle sizes to suit a variety of polypropylene processing applications, such as food packaging or synthetic textiles.


Aliphatic Resin Creates Stable Formulations


Wingtack 102 is an aliphatic resin with a high softening point and a lower molecular weight distribution than typical hydrocarbon resins. The low molecular weight distribution provides excellent compatibility with most aliphatic polymers to create formulations with superior stability. It has 35% less volatiles than similar hydrocarbon resins, which provides exceptionally low odor and low product volatility. The relationship between the high softening point and molecular weight improves the resin’s performance in pressure-sensitive and hot-melt adhesive applications. For rubber applications, the resin acts as a low-volatile processing aid. It also has low chlorides and ash content, making it suitable for belts, hoses, and tire applications as an effective replacement for aromatic-containing oils.

Cray Valley USA

Gasket Tapes Can Be Used over a Wide Temperature Range


These silicon sponge and silicone foam gasket tapes incorporate a layer of DP-1001 polyimide film. They offer high-temperature performance as a pressure-sensitive adhesive on silicone rubber gaskets and cushioning pads. The durable polyimide film serves as a support layer to provide dimensional stability when the user removes the release liner and installs the gasket strips. The polyimide film also improves the shelf life of the silicone adhesive backing by preventing migration of the adhesive into the silicone sponge or foam. The gasket tape is available in three different versions: the R10470-M closed-cell silicone sponge, the BF-1000 low-density silicone foam, and the HT-800 medium-density silicone foam. All three tapes can withstand temperatures from –100°F to 500°F.

Stockwell Elastomerics

Polyphthalamide Maintains Properties at High Temperatures


The Ultramid Advanced N5H UN is a polyphthalamide (PPA) that can be manufactured into semi-finished parts by extrusion processing. Its semi-aromatic chemical structure confers excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. It can be used continuously at operating temperatures well above 120°C. The mechanical properties remain stable over a wide temperature range because of the material’s low water uptake, which also makes it suitable for use in humid environments. The material has high resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis, even in aggressive environments, as well as good sliding friction properties.



Colorimetric Analyzer Provides Reliable Iron Monitoring


The CA-6 colorimetric iron analyzer is an online sequential sampling analyzer that automatically performs a controlled sequence of sampling, analysis, and results processing. The analyzer uses the differential photometric absorbance method to measure trace amounts of iron in water. It relies on an LED light source and a heated colorimetric cell. Three measurement ranges are available depending on the chosen cell size: 2–250 ppb (26-mm cell), 9–500 ppb (16-mm cell), and up to 10 mg/L with an internal dilution module. The analyzer displays measured values and status information on a graphic touchscreen interface. The device can operate in temperatures from 41°F to 113°F.

Electro-Chemical Devices

Wireless Sensor Enables Predictive Asset Management


The Sushi sensor is a wireless industrial internet of things (IIoT) device that monitors vibration and surface temperature in machines and process equipment. It uses advanced analytics to allow predictive asset management and early anomaly detection in hazardous areas, which can help prevent downtime associated with unscheduled maintenance. The sensor uses a long-range area network (LoRaWAN) communication technology that allows it to be deployed virtually anywhere in a plant and cover a vast area. It integrates with a free smartphone app for quick setup and configuration.

Yokogawa Corp.

Absorption Sensor Measures Aggressive Media


The Turbimax CUS50D is an absorption sensor for turbidity and suspended solids measurement in unfavorable environments. It features a robust design that withstands most aggressive media, such as those found in industrial wastewater treatment processes. The sensor is dirt-repellant and uses an air cleaning system to reduce surface contamination during operation. It is also available in a plastic version that is suitable for use in media with a low pH or high salt content.


Laboratory Equipment

Purification System Ensures Reliable Water Quality


The Milli-Q IX water purification system is a reliable source of high-quality, Type 2 pure water for laboratory applications. The purification system uses an LED that generates ultraviolet C (UV-C) radiation to eliminate bacteria and germs, thereby disinfecting the water. It features a water recovery loop that recycles rejected water through an advanced reverse osmosis system to reduce water and energy consumption. The system features a digital touchscreen and an ergonomic dispenser for simple operation and control. In addition, its design eliminates the use of tubing and cables to allow for clutter-free workspaces.


Benchtop Analyzers Measure Gases at Atmospheric Pressure


The OmniStar and ThermoStar GSD 350 are compact, portable benchtop analyzers for analyzing gases at atmospheric pressure. The gas inlets are fitted with a heated capillary that prevents vapors from condensing during process gas analysis. The analyzers can detect gases at concentrations as low as 100 ppb and at temperatures up to 350°C. The ThermoStar device is specifically designed for coupling with thermo balances. It features a quartz capillary and a platinum orifice to ensure that even the smallest concentrations can be analyzed. The OmniStar was developed for a wider range of applications than the ThermoStar. It uses a stainless steel capillary and includes a valve that can interrupt the sample gas stream. Both devices allow simultaneous detection of all gases within the mass range, unlike other analytical methods such as Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) or gas chromatography-flame ionization detection (GC-FID). In addition, the devices can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Fluids and Solids Handling

Mobile Pneumatic Conveyor Simplifies Unloading


The STP 61 is a mobile pneumatic conveying system that automatically empties tankers, trailers, and railcars. It is designed to prevent product loss, contamination, and fugitive dust emissions during the transfer and unloading of powders, pellets, and other bulk materials. It has an integrated controller with a pneumatic safety valve. Once the sealed connection is established, the controller automatically directs the material transfer. The platform is on wheels and can be easily rolled to the discharge point. The mobile system features a color touchscreen panel that can be set up in 14 languages.

Gericke USA

Vacuum Pumps Feature Close-Coupled Motors


The Model 101-40-3SSM and Model 102-40-3SSM vacuum pumps feature close-coupled stainless steel motors. The close-coupled motor is ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical plants where frequent washdowns are required. The pumps can provide a vacuum up to 28 inHg and handle volumes up to 52 ft3/min. They are powered by an efficient IE3 motor that is available in 3-hp, 5-hp, 7.5-hp, or 10-hp sizes.

Lyco Wausau

Bellows Seal Valves Prevent Leaks


The low-pressure Clampseal bellows seal valves are designed for toxic, corrosive, and caustic applications where leakage to the environment must be prevented. The valves are leakproof to prevent fugitive emissions. They are available in sizes from 0.5 in. to 4 in. with socket-weld, butt-weld, flange, and threaded end connections. The valves can be serviced in-line. High-pressure Clampseal valve options that handle light gases and hazardous fluids are also available.


Industrial Dryer Design Is Flexible, With Many Design Options


The Cylindro conical dryer is an all-purpose dryer that is suitable for a wide range of process materials, including slurries and pastes, filter cakes, granulates, and powders. It is available with many different options for agitator design, heating configuration, and material of construction. Agitator design options include helix, double-helix, paddle, and segmented-helix configurations. Heating options include a jacket, half-pipe coils, and pillow plates using hot water, steam, or thermal oil. The dryer can heat to temperatures up to 400°C. Construction material options include stainless steel, Hastelloy, and titanium. The design flexibility allows the dryer to function as a vacuum contact dryer, evaporator, reactor, sterilizer, or alkalizer to meet the user’s needs. In addition, the dryer features a vapor filter that prevents product particles from being released to the environment during charging and discharging.


Environmental, Health, and Safety

Wearable Safety Device Detects Flammable Gases


The G7 line of wearable personal safety devices is now available with the safety molecular property spectrometer (MPS) flammable gas sensor. The MPS sensor provides accurate combustible gas readings to ensure that workers are protected in any environment. It uses lower explosive limit (LEL) measurement to accurately detect 12 of the most common combustible gases — including hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, ethylene, and xylene — with higher accuracy than traditional catalytic bead and nondispersive infrared sensors. The sensor also eliminates false alarms with built-in environmental compensation and poison immunity.

Blackline Safety Corp.

Operations and Maintenance

Control System Panels Simplify Central Vacuum Operation


The Base and Smart panels are now available for industrial central vacuum systems. The panels can help improve energy efficiency through automation. The Base panel is a simple, configurable control system with a built-in frequency drive that is suitable for small central vacuum systems. The Smart panel is an advanced control system that is suitable for complex central vacuum systems and pairs with an energy-efficient frequency converter for motor control. The Smart panel can also connect to the internet to enable cloud-based data logging, monitoring, and system control.

Dust Control UK

Touchscreen Displays Simplify Operations


The easyTOUCH displays are projected capacitive (PCAP)-based touchscreens that are suitable for industrial control applications. Users can make touchscreen selections with wet or gloved hands. The displays are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications and they support multi-touch functions. Each display has an RGB color interface, high brightness, and USB or two-wire connection abilities. The easyTOUCH displays are available in 3.5-in., 4.3-in., 5-in., and 7-in. sizes. The displays are available with a variety of entry-level and advanced trims.

Data Modul


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