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New Products: April 2020/Offshore Technology Conference Epo Preview

New Products

Operations and Maintenance

Isolation Gasket Ensures Reliable Joint Integrity


The EVOLUTION fully coated isolation gasket offers high pressure ratings that ensure joint integrity and prevent leakage. The tight-sealing gasket uses a proprietary coating that is abrasion- and impact-resistant, with chemical resistance to steam, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals often found in oil-and-gas pipelines. The thin 1/8-in. thin profile of the gasket minimizes difficulties that are often encountered when attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets, and allows for hydrotesting isolation. The gasket is fire-safe and rated for high-temperature operation, up to 500°F (260°C).

Garlock Pipeline Technologies

Metal Grinders Meet the Demands of Numerous Industries


The ATP Cyclone grinders are heavy-duty industrial grinders that feature some of the highest power-to-weight ratios available. The series includes 44 standard models that are offered with governed motors between 0.5 hp and 4 hp. Designed to deliver higher productivity in the most demanding metal-finishing environments, these grinders are ideal for use in the petrochemical, refining, and power-generation industries. Standard and extended-length horizontal models are designed to improve operator comfort.

Hy-Tech Engineered Solutions

Materials and Chemicals

Renewable Isoalkane Diluent Extracts Metals

The MY renewable isoalkane is a biobased diluent for extracting metals, including copper and base metals, during hydrometallurgical processing. The renewable diluent is based on the company’s NEXBTL technology and is produced entirely from biobased waste streams such as residue oils and fats. The diluent is readily biodegradable in accordance with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 301 test guidelines. Minimizing dependence on conventional hydrocarbon-derived diluents reduces the environmental impact of the metal extraction process.

Neste Corp.

Advanced Polyamide Resin Improves Film Capabilities

The Vydyne PTR resin is a patent-pending polyamide resin for film and packaging applications. The PTR resin is 40% more puncture-resistant than conventional films and exhibits high transparency. The Vydyne PTR resin is compatible with other types of resins used in multilayer films, and can be processed on existing film manufacturing equipment, including blown, cast, and biaxially oriented film processes. The resins are available in 11 different grades for food, high-heat, and industrial-packaging applications.

Ascend Performance Materials

Fluids and Solids Handling

Screw Compressors Are Quiet and Compact


The C-2 screw compressors are more compact, easier to operate, and quieter than their predecessors. They have low maintenance requirements and are available as a complete solution — with a connected compressed-air receiver and dryer — or as a standalone version for use in larger systems. They are fitted with a sound-insulation hood and a high-performance IE3 motor to reduce noise. The IE4 motor is available as an option for increased efficiency. The screw compressors feature frequency-controlled fans that allow the cooling capacity to be adjusted based on the environmental conditions. A companion dryer can also be adapted to customer requirements.

Boge Kompressoren

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Includes New Models

Three additional models have been added to the Tromb line of vacuum cleaners: the DC Tromb 400 dust extractor, the DCF Tromb pre-separator, and the combined DC Tromb Twin dust extractor and pre-separator. The vacuums ensure complete dust extraction of granular bulk solids produced during sanding, grinding, cutting, and drilling operations in industrial settings. The vacuums combine ergonomic and modular functions that ease storage, transport, and use of these handheld tools. The notable upgrades to the new models include a simpler filter-change system and a motor package that is easy to remove. Other improvements include the use of advanced motors and a sturdier chassis than earlier models. These machines are equipped with a patented self-cleaning filter, as well as a HEPA-13 filter built to Application Class H that allows them to be used where hazardous dusts may be present.

Dustcontrol UK

Heavy-Duty Conveyors Are Available in More Configurations

Flexifeeder flexible screw conveyors are available in capacities up to 1,500 ft3/hr and single-unit conveying lengths of 50 ft. Each conveyor is matched to the customer’s site-specific requirements, using both the company’s extensive installation database and complimentary lab-testing capabilities. The use of controlled vibration at the inlet hopper eliminates material packing and tunneling and encourages more even loading of the conveying screw. This, along with a simple robust drive system, creates a more uniform and repeatable conveying rate and helps reduce maintenance. The conveyors can be paired with the company’s bulk-bag unloaders and vibrating bins for integrated solids-handling systems.

Vibra Screw

Compressor Combines High Pressure with Oil-Free Compression


The HAUG.Sirius NanoLoc compressor offers oil-free compression of gases up to 450 barg. Both the crankcase and the compressor stages operate without any oil, which ensures process purity. The hermetically sealed compressor is designed for sensitive applications, such as biotechnology processes. The compressor features a magnetic-coupling drive and friction-free sealing to reduce wear and friction losses in the cylinders. This compressor is a dependable pump for operations with long standstills, frequent operation, and cold starts.

Sauer Compressors


Wireless Gas Detector Includes Ammonia and Hydrocarbon Sensors


The Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector now includes sensors to monitor fugitive emissions of ammonia and non-methane hydrocarbon gases, such as butane, pentane, and propane. With the addition of these sensors, users can improve plant safety and regulatory compliance with a single device. The WirelessHART gas detectors interface with existing networks to provide continuous coverage across a broad ambient operating temperature range (–40°C to 65°C), and they have a battery life of five years or more. Eliminating the need for wiring and terminations reduces installation costs by as much as 80%. The gas detectors are equipped with interchangeable sensor heads to measure additional gases without needing to change the base unit.

United Electric Controls

Point Level Monitors Withstand Foam or Material Buildup


The Liquiphant FTL51B and FTL41 vibrating-fork sensors detect the level of liquids in storage tanks, containers, and pipes. The Liquiphant FTL51B features Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functionality, including access via wireless Bluetooth technology, automatic proof tests and verification, and easy commissioning with mobile devices. The instrument’s vibronic sensor withstands changing media properties, flow, turbulence, gas bubbles, foam, vibration, and buildup. It works in process temperatures that range from –58°F to 302°F (–50°C to 150°C) and pressures up to 1,450 psi (100 bar). The FTL41 is similar to the FTL51B but operates at a lower pressure range, up to 580 psi (40 bar), and has a narrower temperature range of –40°F to 302°F (–40°C to 150°C).


Offshore Technology Conference

NRG Park • Houston, TX

As this issue was going to press, we learned that the Offshore Technology Conference has been postponed. Check the OTC website for updates.

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is an annual event where energy professionals meet to advance their scientific and technical knowledge related to offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.

Platform Provides Maritime and Coastal Weather Analytics


The WeatherOps platform allows customers to identify and manage weather risks. It is equipped with hazardous weather detection, prediction, and decision analytics. The platform can help users manage their assets with forecast thresholds, configurable map displays, and alert settings. WeatherOps combines geographical information system (GIS) layers and an application programming interface (API) to provide interactive mapping technology with precision-verified 10-day forecasts and current observations for any location. The platform is accessible from an online portal or a mobile app.


Booth #1239

Tube Fitting Ensures Safe Connection


The i-Fitting tube fittings feature a built-in gap gauge that improves the safety of tube fittings. Human error during installation is often the cause of hazardous leaks and safety issues associated with tube fittings. To minimize the potential for installation error, each i-Fitting connector incorporates an innovative snap-inspection ring between the nut and fitting body that snaps apart when the nut has been tightened to the correct depth. This feature prevents the over- or under-tightening of tube fittings and ensures a safe, exact connection.


Booth #10811

Offshore Lift Safely Transports Materials and Personnel

The offshore passenger transfer system (OPTS) is a mutifunctional, hydraulic aerial lift for safely transporting personnel and materials in offshore settings. The OPTS system features a 40-ft frame that can lift up to six people or 2,000 kg of goods. In addition to simplifying cargo transportation, the offshore lift is particularly useful for performing work on various offshore structures, such as drilling platforms or windmills. Axles absorb vessel motions to limit OPTS instability caused by a ship’s motion. In the event of emergencies, the OPTS can rescue personnel from the sea or quickly transport personnel on and off a ship.


Booth #1629

Quintuplex Pump Reduces Consumable Cost


The Thunder 5,000-hp quintuplex pump is a hydraulic fracturing pump that is suitable for dual-fuel gas engines, electric motors, diesel engines, and gas-turbine direct drives. The pump features an 11-in.-long stroke that meets or exceeds the pressure and flow output of short-stroke pumps (8 in.). Users can expect to spend 37% less for consumables than for traditional stroke pumps. The longer pump stroke and innovative design minimize stress, reduce fatigue cycles, and enable slower operating speeds. A durable stainless steel construction ensures a long service life.

Gardner Denver

Booth #4047

Optical Fiber Withstands High Temperatures


The Verrillon VHT5000 is a multimode graded-index optical fiber for data logging in high-temperature applications, such as downhole sensing and monitoring in the oil and gas industry. The optical fiber has a metal coating that withstands temperatures up to 500°C. The VHT5000 is produced using a patent-pending process that provides optimized glass chemistry to enable high resistance to hydrogen darkening and prevent fibers from cold bonding to metal tubes or other metal-coated fibers. The optical fiber is also suitable for use in high-pressure and corrosive environments and is available in long lengths up to multiple kilometers.


Booth #4804

Handheld Analyzer Makes Carbon Measurement Portable


The Niton Apollo handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer is a portable device that measures the carbon content of metals and alloys. The portable analyzer uses LIBS technology that is typically confined to stationary lab equipment to quickly deliver accurate carbon measurement results in as little as 10 seconds. The analyzer’s fast performance and portability simplify carbon analysis in the field and make it particularly useful at jobsites that require carbon measurements in confined spaces. The analyzer displays data on an easy-to-use color touchscreen and is capable of wireless data transfer. In addition, the device features three safety interlocks to prevent dangerous laser misfire.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Booth #7311

Pressure Transmitter Withstands High Temperatures


The HI6000 pressure transmitter is designed to make accurate pressure measurements, up to 1,500 bar, in high-temperature environments. The HI6000 overcomes the temperature limitations of other pressure transmitters by incorporating internal components with a high tolerance for heat. In particular, the device features a silicon-on-sapphire sensor that utilizes the insulating properties of sapphire to protect the silicon strain gauge at temperatures up to 150°C. The pressure transmitter is available with voltage or current outputs.

ESI, Inc.

Booth #6526

Explosionproof Camera Operates in Hazardous Areas

The D101-A XF P3807 explosion-protected network camera is an 8-megapixel multisensor camera that is certified for safe operation in high-risk and explosive environments. The camera’s field of view is 180-deg. horizontally and 90-deg. vertically without any blind spots. It features forensic wide dynamic range (WDR) and Lightfinder technologies to capture images even in challenging light situations. In addition, the camera system eliminates the need for multiple surveillance monitors by delivering four images that are seamlessly stitched together.

Axis Communications

Booth #1705

Electric Gas Booster Reduces Operating Noise


The Q-drive electric gas booster provides high flowrates up to 6,500 psi for critical high-pressure gas boosting, gas transference, cylinder charging, and scavenging. The electric Q-drive operates at 77dBA, making it much quieter than hydraulically driven gas boosters, which typically exceed the 85-dBA threshold for possible hearing loss. The electric gas booster uses one-third the energy to produce flowrates that are 10 to 20 times higher than pneumatic gas boosters. The Q-drive unit is equipped with a human-machine interface (HMI) and touchpad for better monitoring and control. The device also features remote and self-diagnostic capabilities.


Booth #2315

Custom Printer Simplifies Label and Sign Creation


The DuraLabel Kodiak printer is designed to create custom labels and signs for industrial applications. The Kodiak can rapidly print high-volume batches of industrial-grade labels and signs in sizes of 4–9.75 in. The printer allows companies to ensure compliance and safety with proper labeling and signage. It is equipped with a touchscreen and intuitive software that simplify the label design process and ensure a quick printing turnaround for improved productivity.

Graphic Products

Booth #3703


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