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Modern papermaking began in 19th-century France with the invention of the Fourdrinier machine, a device that allowed papermakers to produce sheets continuously, rather than one at a time. Today’s papermaking machines are similar to the Fourdrinier device, using a wire mesh to wring water from pulp. Still, despite its thousand-year history, the pulp and paper industry’s fate is unclear. Environmental and societal factors threaten its image and viability.

More and more fitness buffs are strapping wearable monitors onto their wrists and triceps to track their pulse and breathing rates as they run, lift, jump, and even swim. But devices such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch, despite their technical capacity, are generally clunky.

Firefighters manage wildfires with either fire suppressants or fire retardants. Engineers at Stanford Univ. have developed a novel gel-like fluid that can help prevent wildfires from igniting, for longer periods of time than conventional methods.

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a sensor that can monitor ocean temperatures and pH levels, using a unique piezoelectric material that converts sound into electrical energy. The technology could be used to track climate change, and also observe marine life.

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