CEP: May 2017

Manufacturing plants based on modular equipment are emerging as a viable and beneficial alternative to conventional stick-built processing plants.This month's article on modular plant design discusses modular equipment for the chemical process industries (CPI) and identifies the benefits and drawbacks of this type of plant. It provides guidance on determining whether modular construction makes sense for your project and how to approach developing a modular plant. Other topics this month include food safety, compressed air basics, and valve positioners.


Budgeting for A Safer Future

What could you do with $11 million? If you were Vanessa Sutherland, chairperson and CEO of the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), you could run your 43-person agency for a year. But if the cuts included in the president’s budget request are enacted, she won’t even get the chance.

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Consider Modular Plant Design

Process Development
Sulogna Roy, P.Eng.
Modular plants offer many benefits over a conventional stick-built facility. Read about the pros and cons of the modular approach to help you decide if it makes sense for your project.

Understand Produce Contamination

Critical Issues
Deepti Salvi
Foodborne pathogen outbreaks can be prevented by limiting the number of microbes that attach to produce surfaces. This article explains the interactions between bacterial cells and produce surfaces and the mechanisms of pathogen attachment and detachment.

Compressed Air Basics

Back To Basics
Michael L. Stowe, P.E.
Compressing air is an inefficient and expensive process. This article offers some tactics to optimize your compressed air system, which can help reduce energy costs at your plant.

Leveraging Smart Valve Positioners

Janine McCormick, Steve Hagen
Smart valve positioners offer a range of diagnostics, but the volume of information they can provide can be daunting. Establish a program to deal with alerts and analyze data to help you benefit from the information without getting overwhelmed.
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