CEP: February 2016

Process safety performance indicators (PSPIs) are performance metrics that indicate when a process safety accident is most likely to occur. The key to an effective PSPI program is selecting the right PSPIs. This month’s safety article explains the barrier-based and tier-based approaches for selecting PSPIs. Other topics this month include PID tuning coefficients, electrolyte simulation, and polymerization reaction systems.


An Editor Changes Their Mind about They

When I began my career in 1980, women were a small fraction of the engineering workforce, and engineers were typically referred to by the pronouns he and him. That sexist language bothered me, so wherever I could, I used gender-neutral terms — such as synthetic instead of man-made, and firefighter instead of fireman — and rewrote sentences to avoid the need for any pronoun. In all that time, I was vigilant to not write they or their with a singular antecedent.

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Predict Incidents with Process Safety Performance Indicators

Wahid Azizi
Become a seer of process safety incidents with carefully chosen process safety performance indicators (PSPIs). A PSPI program developed using the barrier-based or tier-based approach will serve as your crystal ball.

Modeling Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte Systems

Computational Methods
Meng Wang, Yue Yu, Chau-Chyun Chen
The fundamental thermodynamic equations developed for aqueous electrolyte systems provide a springboard for modeling the more-complex and less-understood mixed-solvent electrolytes.

Designing Polymerization Reaction Systems

Reactions and Separations
Shrikant Dhodapkar, Pradeep Jain, Carlos Villa
Important considerations in polymerization reactor design include heat removal, kinetics, and process dynamics, as well as polymer properties and product quality.
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