Special Section: Measuring Sustainability - Full 24-Page Supplement


Sustainability: What We Measure We Can Improve; Sustainability Trends in the Chemical Industry; Use the P-graph Framework to Design Supply Chains for Sustainability; Recovering Metals from Electronic Wastes


Author Bios: 

Beth Beloff

Beth Beloff is Founder and Principal of Beth Beloff & Associates, a consulting group that develops sustainability strategies and assessment methodologies for all kinds of organizations.  She is President of the non-profit think tank, BRIDGES to Sustainability Institute (BRIDGES), which she founded in 1997 to develop approaches to support corporate decision-making regarding sustainability. Prior to BRIDGES, Ms. Beloff founded and directed the Institute for Corporate Environmental Management in the business school at the University of Houston.

Her professional goal is to...Read more

Heriberto Cabezas

Heriberto Cabezas serves as Professor at the Institute for Process Systems Engineering and Sustainability and Center Director of the International Advanced Bioethics Center for Technology and Engineering at the Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary. He recently retired as Senior Science Advisor to the Land and Material Management Division in the U.S. EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD).

At the Pazmany Peter Catholic University, he is responsible for conducting research on global sustainability science and policy, Graph Theory (P-Graph specifically) for...Read more

Calvin B. Cobb

Dr. Calvin B. Cobb grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri, born of Depression-era parents. His father was a high school graduate, his mother only finished grade school but they had the wisdom to point Calvin and his brother Tom down the right path. It was simply assumed they would go to college to make “a better life” and find a way to give something back to the world around them.

Calvin’s father owned a business and his mother worked by his side. He observed their work ethic everyday around the house and in the community and realized at a young age that the long, hard hours his parents...Read more

Darlene Schuster

Darlene Schuster is responsible for the successful implementation of AIChE conferences, publications,  educational AIChE Academy, membership programs and membership groups, and growth of AIChE impact to serve members in areas of relevance to chemical engineering.  Previously she was the executive director of the Technical Entities of AIChE, including the Institute for Sustainability, Society for Biological Engineering, the International Society for Metabolic Engineering, and the start-up entities. Schuster joined AIChE as director of government relations and headed AIChE’s...Read more

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