CEP: January 2015

Sustainability is a path of continuous improvement, wherein the products and services required by society are delivered with progressively less negative impact upon the Earth. A special section on measuring sustainability discusses sustainability trends in the chemical industry, using the P-graph framework to design supply chains for sustainability and recovering metals from electronic wastes. Other topics in this issue include construction management, chemical reactivity in Process Hazard Analysis and heat transfer fluids.


Diversity as a Catalyst for Success

“Diversity programs are not only the right thing to do, but they are also the smart and necessary thing to do. We view diversity and inclusion, and promotion of different cultural perspectives, as catalysts, because we know these efforts unleash innovation and create new solutions to society’s major challenges. It’s exciting to imagine a future in which we fully utilize the diversity of our profession and our workplaces to better serve our world.” With those remarks, Otis Shelton, AIChE’s 2014 president, opened the AIChE Gala last month.

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Complete Your Capital Project Efficiently

Career Catalyst
Glen Rosentrater
Capital projects are complicated and can be fraught with all sorts of issues. Follow these guidelines for safe and efficient work — to avoid problems, maintain relationships, and ensure your success as a construction manager.

Consider Chemical Reactivity in Process Hazard Analysis

Paul Baybutt
Managing chemical reactivity hazards is more complex than other major hazards. Learn how to use process hazard analysis (PHA) to identify such hazard scenarios and determine whether additional risk-reduction measures are needed for your process.

Minimize Degradation of Heat-Transfer Fluids

Back To Basics
Christopher Armstrong, Gaston Arseneault
The key to maximizing the useful life of heat-transfer fluids in liquid-phase systems is proper fluid selection. This article discusses the most common methods of deterioration and suggests potential solutions.

Special Section: Measuring Sustainability - Full 24-Page Supplement

Special Section
Beth Beloff, Botond Bertok, Heriberto Cabezas, Kevin Chin, Calvin B. Cobb, Ferenc Friedler, István Heckl, Reed M. Izatt , Darlene Schuster, Dicksen Tanzil
Sustainability: What We Measure We Can Improve; Sustainability Trends in the Chemical Industry; Use the P-graph Framework to Design Supply Chains for Sustainability; Recovering Metals from Electronic Wastes
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