Introduction to Fluidization


Fluidized beds offer excellent heat transfer, and have the unique ability to move a wide range of solid particles in a fluid-like fashion. This article explains the basics of fluidization theory and outlines how to design a typical fluidized bed.


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Raymond Cocco

Ray Cocco has been with PSRI for eight years where he has the role of President and CEO. PSRI is a consortium-based company with 35 member companies headquartered in Canada, France, Brazil, Finland, Germany, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Before PSRI, Ray spend 17 years with The Dow Chemical Company where he led research and development efforts in numerous particle technology platforms including the production of WoodStalkTM (a particleboard made of straw) for Dow BioProducts, the production of vinyl chloride monomer and RCl oxidation using fluidized beds, the...Read more

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