CEP: November 2014

A 28-page SBE supplement, entitled "A Decade of Progress," looks at the progress made in genomics, bionanotechnology, stem cell engineering and biofuels. Other topics this month include fluidization and robust process control.


Print It or Forget It

When I bought my iPad a few years ago, I was looking forward to accessing a library of books without lugging around the weight. And reading the newspaper online would keep the newsprint from dirtying my hands. Now that I’ve had the iPad for three years, though, I see that my expectations were not realistic. Yes, I can access books and newspapers on my iPad. But actually reading them is another matter.

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Introduction to Fluidization

Back To Basics
Raymond Cocco, S. B. Reddy Karri, Ted Knowlton
Fluidized beds offer excellent heat transfer, and have the unique ability to move a wide range of solid particles in a fluid-like fashion. This article explains the basics of fluidization theory and outlines how to design a typical fluidized bed.

Account for Uncertainty with Robust Control Design - Part 1

Sachi Dash, Rakesh Joshi, J. Ward MacArthur, Konstantinos Tsakalis
The dynamic behavior of your process can never be modeled perfectly. However, process controllers can be designed to handle this so-called uncertainty.

SBE Supplement: A Decade of Progress (Full 28-Page Supplement)

SBE Special Section
Arpan Bandyopadhyay, Daniel Blashki, Rachel M. Buchanan, Abigail Engelberth, Hsu-Yuan Fu, Wei-Shou Hu, Michael Ladisch, Nathan Mosier, Matthew B. Murphy, Gauri Nabar, Kimberly Ogden, Gregory Stephanopoulos, Nandita Vishwanathan, Jessica Winter, June Wispelwey, Eduardo Ximenes
Celebrating a Decade of Progress in Biological Engineering; Genomics and Systems Biotechnology in Biopharmaceutical Processing; Block-Copolymer Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications; Stem Cell Therapy for Regenerative Medicine; Biological Engineering and the Emerging Cellulose Ethanol Industry; Algae as a Bio-Feedstock.
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