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Bozic, R.


Columbia University





Sponsors of ChemE-SportsTM: Matthew B. Garvey, Simulation Solutions Inc. Bio: Matthew Garvey currently serves as an engineering manager for PetroSkills – Simulation Solutions. Matthew works on the development on process simulators and their surrounding curriculum. BS chemical engineering Rutgers University, 2014. Donald C. Glaser, Simulation Solutions Inc. Bio: Donald Glaser is the V.P. of Simulation Solutions within PetroSkills. Don founded Simulation Solutions in 1980 and served as the President of the company during its history. Don has authored many articles on training applications of dynamic simulation and delivered numerous training courses to plant technicians and engineers. BS chemical engineering Lafayette College. Robert G. Bozic, Columbia University Retired lieutenant colonel of the US Army Corps of Engineers and Lecturer in Chemical Engineering Process Safety and Design, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University. BS chemistry, West Point 1989, ME chemical engineering UF 1999. PhD chemical engineering Columbia University 2008.

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