(294h) Evaluating Performance in Chemical Engineering Process Safety Education Using Simulators | AIChE

(294h) Evaluating Performance in Chemical Engineering Process Safety Education Using Simulators


Bozic, R. - Presenter, Columbia University
Garvey, M. B. - Presenter, Simulation Solutions, Inc
Glaser, D. C. - Presenter, Simulation Solutions, Inc.
As part of continued efforts to include Safety in Chemical Engineering (SAChE) recommendations into the Columbia University Chemical Engineering curriculum, the integration of simulation of chemical engineering processes with evaluation of student performance on chemical engineering process safety was enhanced in the Spring 2016 CHEN E4501 Chemical Engineering Process Safety Course.  Case studies, computer aided design using ASPEN, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) SAChE Modules remain an integral part of the course content to cover the instructional objectives.  Course content also remains on the education and training of operators using simulation.  Greater emphasis on the evaluation of chemical engineering student awareness and understanding of chemical engineering process safety was incorporated into the course using simulation.  The results of a lesson sequence on operator training sponsored by Simulation Solutions Inc. and the methods used to evaluate student performance as related to safety outcomes and the student feedback is reported on here.  This presentation will focus on methods by which evaluation of student awareness and understanding can be enhanced using simulation of chemical engineering processes.


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