Session 2: Industry Perspective

Wednesday, May 1, 2013, 12:45pm-3:15pm CDT

Session Chair: Walker Garrison, Valero

An examination of the hurdles and opportunities for water reuse and conservation in industrial sites and to the role of other factors such as scarcity, regulation, and corporate sustainability issues in these decisions.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Travis Capps, Valero
  • Carson Barry, New Page: Water Use and Reuse in an Integrated Paper Mill
  • Gena Leathers, DOW: Dow:  ”Follow the Water – Chemical Manufacturing Recycle/Reuse Opportunities and Solutions” 
  • Robin Jenkins, DuPont: DuPont Sustainable Water Use Solutions
  • Jim Myers, Chevron: Water Reuse in the Petroleum Industry

Carson Barry

Carson Barry is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt who directs all LSS training for NewPage Corporation.  He graduated from Penn State University in 1982 with a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.  He graduated from West Virginia University in 1990 with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Carson began his career in the paper industry in the Technical Services Department at Westvaco Corporation’s Luke Mill in Western Maryland.  He has remained at the Luke Mill throughout his career.  He has held positions in the technical services, engineering, and utilities...Read more

Travis Capps

Travis Capps is Vice President of Energy and Gases, Valero Energy Corporation. He received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama in 1994 and his Masters of Business Administration from The University of Texas in San Antonio, Texas in 2003.Read more

Robin Jenkins

As Sustainability Competency Leader in the DuPont Engineering Research and Technology organization, Robin enables a group of premier sustainability experts to provide a life-cycle thinking approach for DuPont businesses and central research and development programs.  Robin is responsible for overall group strategy, market-facing interactions, and group renewal and engagement.  Robin is an expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and has been an LCA Practitioner for DuPont for 9 years.  Robin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.  Read more

Gena Leathers

Gená Leathers is the Global Technology Leader for Water within the Environmental Operations Technology Center and is located at Dow’s Freeport site.  She leads the technology group comprised of the subject matter experts focusing on water footprint in terms of optimizing value with regard to environmental water technology development and application, solutions innovation and environmental integration supporting Dow operations and manufacturing locations globally.

Gená has a BS in Chemistry and has been with The Dow Chemical Company for 33 years.  Her career spans a breadth of...Read more

Jim Myers

Jim Myers is a staff environmental engineer with 30+ years of experience in the petroleum industry.  He is a biologist with a couple of degrees in engineering.  His technical specialty is the biological treatment of liquids and solids from worldwide upstream and downstream petroleum operations.  Some of his projects include treatment of produced water, refinery wastewater, ground water and marketing terminal storm water, constructed treatment wetlands, water reuse, landfarming and composting of sludge, spill response (domestic and international), natural resource damage assessment, permit...Read more