Carson Barry

Carson Barry

Master Black Belt – LSS Education
NewPage Corporation

Carson Barry is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt who directs all LSS training for NewPage Corporation.  He graduated from Penn State University in 1982 with a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.  He graduated from West Virginia University in 1990 with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Carson began his career in the paper industry in the Technical Services Department at Westvaco Corporation’s Luke Mill in Western Maryland.  He has remained at the Luke Mill throughout his career.  He has held positions in the technical services, engineering, and utilities operating departments.  Most recently he was Power and Recovery Superintendent before taking his current position as Master Black Belt.  As Superintendent he managed the operation of the Mill’s utilities and chemical recovery area to provide steam, air, water, and electricity to the entire Mill as well as recovered chemicals to the pulping operation.

Carson started his LSS career in 2006 when he entered the Black Belt training program at the Luke Mill.  He was certified as a Black Belt in 2007 and as a Master Black Belt in 2010.  He executed projects in all areas of the Mill with a specialty in the utilities area and energy management. In his current position he leads and provides strategic direction for all aspects of LSS Education. This includes delivering training on all existing LSS methodologies and curricula. He also works with the training group and NewPage MBB community to develop new materials that advance the Company’s understanding of Lean and Six Sigma as these can be applied to improve its business and manufacturing processes. In addition, he leads cross-location projects, provides project mentoring, and supports the Energy and Utilities Best Practices teams.

Carson is a certified Maryland class IV Water Treatment plant operator and superintendent.  He is a native of Lehighton, Pennsylvania.  He lives with his wife of almost 29 years in Romney, WV.  His son Kurt attends graduate school at Stanford University and his daughter is a senior at West Virginia University.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and golf.