2019 Global Symposium on Waste Plastic

Ecosystem Impacts, Remediation and Waste Management
September 19-20, 2019

The 2019 Global Symposium on Waste Plastic – Ecosystem Impacts, Remediation and Waste Management - will focus on key themes in plastic manufacturing, recycle, reuse and disposal. It is chaired by Dr. Jeffrey Seay, University of Kentucky, and Dr. Linda Wang, Purdue University.

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NSF’s support may be available to students/post docs who submit an abstract. Women and members of underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply here.


The 2019 Global Symposium on Waste Plastic brings together scientists, engineers and other stakeholders to discuss and share ideas, innovations and achievements for managing the waste plastic accumulation challenges facing both developing and developed countries. Sessions integrate the recent achievements made by academia, government, industry and non-profit organizations to reduce, recover, reuse, recycle, redesign and remanufacture for the waste plastic supply chain. 

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  • Waste Management and Circular Economy
  • Ecosystem Impacts and Remediation Strategies
  • LCA of Plastics Manufacturing
  • Reuse and Recycle of Waste Plastic

Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy is a publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE) reporting on critical issues of the environment, including issues of remediation and treatment of solid and aqueous wastes. As described recently in our journal by Joshi et al. (Environ Prog, 38: 3–11, 2019) “Technologies for recycling plastic must be low cost, economically viable, socially acceptable, and not adversely impact the environment.” EP&SE is interested in continuing to provide pertinent critical information about innovations and achievements addressing treatment, recycle and reuse of waste plastic. 


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The 2019 Global Symposium on Waste Plastic is organized by AIChE Institute for Sustainability

Industry Panel Speakers

Featured Speakers

Kathryn Beers

Kathryn L. Beers is currently the Group Leader in the Materials Science and Engineering Division of Polymers and Complex Fluids at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and has been at NIST since 2000 when she first joined as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in the Polymers Division. She is a member of the AIChE, American Chemical Society, Materials Research Society and Sigma Xi. Her research interests include advances in polymer synthesis and reaction monitoring, macromolecular separations, integrated and high throughput measurements of polymeric materials,...Read more

Cynthia Jenks

Dr. Cynthia Jenks leads the Division of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory. Research in the division spans from fundamental chemical science through applied engineering research and development She co-leads Argonne’s efforts aimed at addressing the challenges of plastic upcycling and will chair the upcoming Department of Energy Basic Research Needs Workshop on Transformative Manufacturing. 

Before joining Argonne in 2017, Dr. Jenks served as assistant director for scientific planning and as director of the Chemical and Biological Sciences Division...Read more

Ramaswamy Nagarajan

Ramaswamy Nagarajan is an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and has a science and engineering background with bachelor degrees in chemistry and rubber technology and a doctoral degree in polymer science from the University Massachusetts. His research interest is in the development of “greener”/sustainable routes to advanced functional materials (polymers, additives and surfactants). Working at the interface of science and engineering his research group has been involved in translating fundamental research into engineering applications for advancing technology...Read more

Jennifer Le Roy

Jennifer is the director of research and development at BioCellection Inc., a chemical recycling company that upcycles plastic waste. Biocollection’s aim is to protect our environment through creating innovative recycling processes for currently unrecyclable post-consumer waste plastics by converting this waste into virgin quality building blocks for sustainable supply chains. Our innovations unlock the potential of using plastic waste to replace fossil fuel as a resource for creating new materials.Read more

B.K. Sharma

Dr. BK Sharma joined the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) in 2009 and is a Senior Research Engineer in the Applied Research on Industrial Environmental Systems Program (ARIES) Group at ISTC. BK’s research areas are biofuels, biolubricants, and alternative fuels. In February 2016, BK was elected as fellow of Society of Tribology & Lubrication Engineers. In November 2017, he was also admitted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. BK is on the Editorial Board of Fuel Processing Technology and is the associate technical editor for the Journal of...Read more

Mary Ellen Ternes

Mary Ellen Ternes is a partner in the Oklahoma City office of D.C. based Earth & Water Law, LLC.  Ms. Ternes represents manufacturing, recycling and other industrial and municipal clients, with in-depth experience in air, solid and hazardous waste, wastewater, drinking water program permitting, compliance, recycling and reuse, with particular emphasis in developing efficient regulatory strategies for complex and high profile processes and industries, enforcement defense, risk management, due diligence, voluntary cleanup practices as well as federal and state rulemaking,...Read more

Meltem Urgun-Demirtas

Meltem Urgun-Demirtas is the Group Leader of the Bioprocesses and Reactive Separations in the Applied Materials Division of Argonne National Laboratory.  The group focuses on re-engineering of plant flow diagram to develop innovative technologies for industrial applications as well as development and application of intensified reactor and separation technologies for bioenergy and bioproducts production, water treatment, and manufacturing. She is also a Fellow at the Northwestern and Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering. Dr. Urgun-Demirtas has over 20 years of experience in the...Read more