3rd Enterprise and Infrastructure Resilience Workshop | AIChE

Incorporating concepts from resilience engineering in the design of systems such as chemical plants, chemical supply chains, and energy networks would be very effective in minimizing undesired effects of unforeseen disturbances, yet requires expertise from various disciplines in science and engineering such as chemical engineers, sustainability engineers, mathematicians, and more. It is in this framework that we designed the Enterprise and Infrastructure Resilience Workshop.

This workshop explores multifaceted resilience strategies for the modern enterprise that address dependence on external systems, such as the environment, stakeholders, shareholders, and society. 

Topical Sessions

Topical Sessions

  • Built Infrastructure
    This session will discuss methods for improving the physical and digital resilience of civil infrastructure systems.
  • Environmental, Ecological and Disaster Resilience
    This session will focus on understanding environmental resilience and how ecological baselines continue to change.
  • Broader Resilience Concepts
    This session will focus on the relationship between these broader concepts, how to enhance them, and how to measure them, and will feature conceptual and modeling research as well as practical applications.
  • Chemical/Chemical Related Infrastructure Resilient Processing
    This session will focus on strategies to develop resilience chemical plants, and considerations that must be taken when designing these systems
  • Energy and Fuels Sector Resilience Concepts
    This session will focus on building resilience in this sector, analyzing past trends, and preparing for incoming changes.
  • Resilient Systems Modeling
    This session will incorporate various methods of systems modeling, including probabilistic modeling, empirical approaches, system dynamics-based approaches, economic theory-based approaches, and network based approaches

Available Funding

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is supporting the 2021 Enterprise and Infrastructure Resilience Workshop. Students/postdocs can apply for funding to get sponsored registration for this event. 

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