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Selen Cremaschi

Selen Cremaschi is the B. Redd Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Auburn University. Her research interests are risk management, optimization, process synthesis, and planning under uncertainty. Her research group works at the intersection of operations research and chemical engineering, and develops systems analysis and decision support tools for complex systems, mainly focusing on healthcare and energy industry. Prior to joining Auburn University, she was a faculty member of the Russell School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Tulsa. She was the recipient of a Tulsa Tau Beta Pi Teaching Excellence award (2010), an NSF CAREER award (2011), and a Zelimir Schmidt Award for Outstanding Researcher (2013) among others. Her research work has been consistently supported by industrial collaborations in addition to federal agencies. She earned a Ph.D. from Purdue University and a M.S. and B.S. from Bogazici University (Turkey), all in chemical engineering.