2019 Bioenergy Sustainability Conference | AIChE

This conference engages bioenergy sustainability researchers with the goal to promote collaboration and disseminate the latest innovative concepts, research methods, and results in the various domains of bioenergy sustainability. It is chaired by Keith Kline, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Center for Bioenergy Innovation, and co-chaired by David Shonnard, Michigan Technological University.


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Call for Abstracts

Deadline: September 21st, 2019

Submit your abstract to these and other related topics. Submissions are sought for oral, poster, and rapid fire presentations.

Research frontiers for sustainable bioenergy

  • Can we manage feedstock production systems to promote desirable biogeochemical services?
  • Bioenergy and climate change
  • Genetic improvements for crop resilience and resistance to pests, drought, diseases…
  • Chemical and engineering advances to reduce costs and undesired effects
  • Creating value from “wastes and residues”
  • Water sustainability issues and solutions
  • Bioenergy impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems services

Integrating systems, Designing sustainable bioenergy systems

  • The role of co products in sustainable bioenergy systems
  • Bioenergy integrated with existing productive landscapes
  • Rethinking anaerobic digestion (biogas, arrested methanogenesis, etc.)
  • System optimization for today and tomorrow
  • Combining bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Advances in integrated assessments of bioenergy sustainability

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Techno-economic analysis (TEA)
  • Social and political dimensions – bridging from growers to consumers
  • Bridging empirical and modeling realms


Steering Committee

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

Sustainability Research Goals at Bioenergy Research Centers Panel

Perspectives on Sustainability Research Needs and Priorities Panel

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