2012 Process Development Symposium

June 5-7, 2012

The 2012 Process Development Symposium brings together professionals to develop their professional knowledge, network, exchange ideas, and discuss innovation, accommodating uncertainty in product design, issues and solutions related to scale-up, inherently safer processes, multi-functional teams, and planning project "handoffs". 

Why PDS 2012?

The Process Development Symposium is offered as a means for development professionals to discuss experiences in the hope that, collectively, we can refine our predictive abilities and repeat good habits while rejecting bad ones.

Topics addressed at the symposium are germane to all industries that are served by chemical engineers and chemists. Experts from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, oil and gas and specialty chemicals’ businesses will share ideas and proven methodologies for early recognition of troublesome technical and non-technical issues and their resolution.


Session II: Inherently Safer Processes

Session Chair Kathy Kas, The Dow Chemical Co. Schedule Presentation Speaker Introduction to Inherently Safer Design Dennis Hendershot The Design of Safe, Efficient and Green Processes for API’s Throughout Product Lifecycle John Dillon Introduction to Inherently Safer Design Dennis Hendershot, CCPS...

Featured Speakers

Mauricio Futran

Mauricio Futran is Professor and Chair of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Rutgers University. He came to this position after 28 years of pharmaceutical product and process development work at Merck and Co. and Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he was Vice President of Process R&D. His areas of expertise include all aspects of process development, technology transfer, validation, regulatory compliance, new product registration worldwide, external manufacturing and partnership development. He is a recognized leader in applying automation, physical property prediction and modeling to...Read more


Proceedings of the 2012 Process Development Symposium are now available: