Organizing Committee

Meeting Program Chair

John Anderson, The Dow Chemical Co.

Technical Advisory Committee

  • Jean Bender, MedImmune
  • Joseph Cramer, AIChE
  • Bob Huss, Eastman Chemical Co.
  • Kevin Joback, Molecular Knowledge Systems
  • Kathy Kas, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Jan Lerou, Jan Lerou Consulting, LLC
  • Robert Lin, Eastman Chemical Co.
  • Lionel O'Young, ClearWaterBay Technology, Inc.
  • John Peragine, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Dan Pintar, UOP LLC
  • Aaron Sarafinas, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Shaibal Roy, DuPont
  • Cheryl Teich, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Jean Tom, Bristol-Myers Squibb

AIChE Process Development Division Leadership

  • Raymond Rooks, Praxair
  • Michael Hill, Columbia University

AIChE Staff

  • Todd Caporizzo
  • Kristine Chin
  • Stéphanie Orvoine-Couvrette
  • Jack Dean