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Registration Info

Registration rates and information for the 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting & Global Congress on Process Safety.

Meeting Dates: April 10 - April 14, 2022

Online registration is now closed. Please register onsite in Exhibit Hall 4B at the Henry B. González Convention Center using the PDF  Registration Form.

The 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting will take place in-person at the Henry B. González Convention Center, Hyatt Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

  • Proceedings: Your 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting registration includes permanent online access to the 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting Proceedings, which includes abstracts and full technical papers (if uploaded by the author). 
  • Recordings Add on: All sessions will be recorded and will be available for viewing on the virtual platform for 30 days. Attendees have the option to purchase permanent access to these recordings as part of their Meeting registration.
  • Community: By registering, you will be opted-in to the AIChE Engage discussion on the 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting.
  • Rates: Member rate applies to AIChE Members. "Unemployed" refers to members who are listed as unemployed in AIChE records. 
Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Sessions Only
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$820$1080
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$870$1140
Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Luncheon Bundle **
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$1045$1305
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$1095$1365
Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Luncheon + Recordings Bundle *
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$1245$1505
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$1295$1565
Graduate Students - Sessions Only
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$460$600
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$490$630
Graduate Students - Luncheon Bundle **
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$685$825
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$715$855
Graduate Students - Luncheon + Recordings Bundle *
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$885$1025
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$915$1055
BAYP - Sessions Only***
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$410N/A
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$435N/A
BAYP - Luncheon Bundle***
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$522.5N/A
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$547.5N/A
BAYP - Luncheon + Recordings Bundle***
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$622.5N/A
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$647.5N/A
Unemployed or Emeritus Members
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$105N/A
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$105N/A
Guest for Opening Reception
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )$40$40
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)$40$40
Undergraduate Student
Early-Bird (ends 2/28/2022 )2545
Standard (ends 4/6/2022)2545

(ends 2/28/2022 )

(ends 4/6/2022)








Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Sessions Only$820$1080$870$1140$930$1190
Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Luncheon Bundle **$1045$1305$1095$1365$1155$1415
Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Luncheon + Recordings Bundle *$1245$1505$1295$1565$1355$1615
Graduate Students - Sessions Only$460$600$490$630$520$650
Graduate Students - Luncheon Bundle **$685$825$715$855$745$875
Graduate Students - Luncheon + Recordings Bundle *$885$1025$915$1055$945$1075
BAYP - Sessions Only***$410N/A$435N/A$465N/A
BAYP - Luncheon Bundle***$522.5N/A$547.5N/A$577.5N/A
BAYP - Luncheon + Recordings Bundle***$622.5N/A$647.5N/A$677.5N/A
Unemployed or Emeritus Members$105N/A$105N/A$105N/A
Guest for Opening Reception$40$40$40$40$40$40
Undergraduate Student254525452545

Note: Member rate applies to both AIChE Members and Employees of CCPS Member companies. Registration rates subject to change. 

The 2022 AIChE Spring Meeting provides you access to both live and on-demand content so you won't miss a thing. All rates include permanent access to the online proceedings and access to the recordings for 30 days after the conclusion of the conference. 

CCPS Member Discount:

Please be sure to log in to your account in order to receive the CCPS Member Discount. If the member discount is not reflected when registering, email our customer service team at so that a team member can link your personal account to your company’s corporate account. Be sure to include your account number and your company name in the email.

Check the CCPS Member Companies to verify that your company is a CCPS member.

Go to CCPS Member Companies Listing

Please note: AIChE Founders Award Recipients receive free Sessions Only Registration.

*This bundle includes Conference recordings, as well as Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday luncheons.

**Spring Meeting & GCPS Full Meeting Bundle includes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Spring luncheons.    

***Bring a Young Colleague For Half Price: (age of 35 or under) who will be attending the FULL Spring Meeting & GCPS for the First time and receive a 50% off on registration.


  • This Offer only available to AIChE members and Employees of CCPS member companies who registered for GCPS Sessions Only (GCPS Full), Full Meeting Bundle, or Full Meeting Bundle & Recordings. You must purchase the same registration category for your young colleague as your own.

  • You can bring up to 3 Young Colleagues! Bring a Young colleague promo is applicable to full or bundle conference registrations and is not application to one day registrations.

  • Please call AIChE's customer service after you have completed your registration at 1800-242-4363 to provide your Young Professional's information

Please feel free to contact the Spring conference manager, Justin Canna at or Global Congress conference manager, Jing Chen at if you have any questions.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH)

All conference and short course attendees are qualified to receive Continuing Education Unit (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH). You will receive 0.8CEU or 8PDH for each of the days that you attended the conference/short courses.

Please contact customer service at Email after the conference to request your CEU/PDH certificate. 

Join @ChEnected on Twitter using #AIChESpring and #GCPS.

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Onsite Registration Hours

Registration will be at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. Hours are subject to change.

Sunday, April 10 12:00pm – 7:30pm
Monday, April 11 7:00am – 5:30pm
Tuesday, April 12 7:30am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, April 13 7:30am – 5:00pm

Visa Procedures

U.S. visa procedures have been changing. If you are planning to attend an AIChE Meeting and will need a visa, we encourage you to visit the U.S. Visa Policy Web Page for updates on visa procedures and applications. Please allow ample time for visa processing.

For more information, you can see here.