Process Engineers Dr. Jill Craven and Dr. Ogochukwu Enekwizu: Doing a World of Good

Jill Craven (left) and  Ogochukwu Enekwizu (right)

This series of the Doing a World of Good Podcast, generously underwritten by Scott and Karen Love,  focuses on how and why process engineers are at the core of a wide range of industries within the chemical engineering profession.

In this episode, host Bob Knorpp speaks with two accomplished professional process engineers, Jill Craven and Ogochukwu (Ogo) Enekwizu. Jill is a Tool Installation Engineer at Intel and has her PhD in chemical engineering, specifically, in secondary organic aerosol formation. Ogo previously held the position of Associate Technical Professional at Kellog, Brown and Root Inc. (KBR), and is currently a postdoctoral associate of Aerosol Microphysics at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

They discuss what led to their careers as process engineers, navigating their respective industries as women and minorities, how AIChE has contributed to their professional growth, and the importance of mentorship in career progression and success. 

Learn more about the Doing a World of Good Campaign and how you, too, can change perceptions and set the stage to attract and retain all who aspire to be chemical and process engineers. 

Listen to AIChE-Doing a World of Good No. 33 with Dr. Jill Craven and Dr. Ogochukwu Enekwizu using the audio player below or subscribe below.

The Doing a World of Good podcast is brought to you by Scott & Karen Love. Their support allows the AIChE Foundation to continue to share how chemical engineers are Doing a World of Good.

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The Community of Process Engineers is brought to you by Scott & Karen Love. Their support enables the AIChE Foundation to advance process engineers at every stage of their career allowing them to Do a World of Good.