STS AIChE November 2016 Monthly Dinner Meeting Workshops | AIChE

STS AIChE November 2016 Monthly Dinner Meeting Workshops

Thursday, November 3, 2016,
5:30pm to 6:30pm
In-Person / Local
8505 Cypress St
Houston, TX 77012
United States


PSM Workshop

PSM/RMP Auditing – Compliance, Best Practices, and the Future


Do you want to know more about (1) why good PSM/RMP auditing is important, (2) what you can be cited for by OSHA/EPA, (3) how to perform good audits, and/or (4) possible future requirements?  Then this presentation is for you.

This presentation will discuss (1) the reasons for PSM/RMP auditing, (2) current regulatory requirements and interpretations, (3) keys for good audits (including audit teams, process, protocols, reports, and recommendation implementation), and (4) proposed additional EPA RMP auditing requirements.


James R. Thompson, CPSA is the PSM manager in ABS Consulting’s Houston office.  Mr. Thompson has more than 40 years of industrial experience in operations and PSM with DuPont, INVISTA, and ABS Consulting.  He has been recognized as a Certified Process Safety Auditor (CPSA) by the Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC).  He has participated (usually as the leader) in more than 100 PSM audits at a variety of facilities and developed PSM audit protocols for major chemical companies.  Mr. Thompson holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.