STS AIChE December 2018 Workshop-Only Meeting | AIChE

STS AIChE December 2018 Workshop-Only Meeting

Thursday, November 29, 2018,
5:30pm to 8:30pm
In-Person / Local
1414 Wirt Rd.
Houston, TX 77055
United States


5:30PM - 6:55PM Workshop I

7:05PM - 8:30PM Workshop II

*Drinks and Snacks will be provided.

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Workshop I: Energy targeting of chemical processes using Pinch Analysis


What is the potential for operating cost savings that can be achieved via improved energy efficiency while meeting corporate requirements for economically attractive payback?  This is the question that can be answered through the “energy targeting” procedure first developed almost 40 years ago, which was initially called Pinch Technology, but has since become known more accurately as Pinch Analysis.  Yet, despite having been successfully applied to thousands to process plants worldwide, the technique is still not widely understood, and unless the key step of Data Extraction is done correctly, the results can be very misleading.

The basic concept is to convert a multi-stream problem (several hot and cold streams) into a 2-stream problem (one composite hot stream and one composite cold stream) which is more easily amenable to mathematical solution.  Step 1 is to establish an economically feasible optimized target for energy consumption/cost.  Step 2 is to apply well-established heuristics to design a Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) that achieves this target – for both new plants and retrofits – along with the optimum mix of heating and cooling utilities required, and developing ideas for beneficial process modifications.

This workshop will focus exclusively on Step 1, showing how to construct the Composite Curves using a spreadsheet and establishing the Energy Target, with a preliminary introduction to Data Extraction techniques.

Although laptops are not required, attendees may bring their own laptop computers (pre-loaded with an electronic spreadsheet program such as MS-Excel™).

Training exercises (MS Excel™) and many relevant technical papers on the subject will be provided to the attendees on USB flash drive to the attendees.

Speaker Bio: Jimmy Kumana

Mr. Kumana holds an M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.  He has more than 35 years of experience in the areas of process design and energy/water optimization.  He worked for both manufacturing and engineering design companies before establishing Kumana & Associates, a Houston-based consulting firm specializing in process optimization techniques, including Pinch Analysis, Load Management, Variable Speed Drives for rotating machinery, System Performance Analysis via Simulation Modeling, and KPIs.

He and his company have been consultants to blue-chip chemical and Oil & Gas companies world-wide, including DuPont, Union Carbide (Dow Chem), Monsanto, Solutia (now part of Eastman Chemical), Lubrizol, Mitsubishi, SASOL, SABIC, Saudi Aramco, PetroChina, Pemex, ConocoPhillips, and Tesoro. He has also been a consultant to major energy utilities including EPRI, GRI, Southern Cal Edison, Southern Cal Gas, Xcel Energy, and Dubai Gas, as well as to the US Dept of Energy, Natural Resources Canada, the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals, the World Bank (IFC), and UNIDO.

Mr. Kumana has authored or co-authored over 70 technical papers and book chapters, and was the instructor for AIChE’s course on Pinch Analysis for Heat Recovery Optimization for many years during the 1990s.  For the past 7 years he has been teaching a course on Energy Efficiency Optimization in the Hydrocarbon Industries designed for plant engineers, offered twice a year in Houston.

Workshop II: MILP Workshop


In an earlier workshop [1], Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) was introduced as a versatile method for optimization of production systems.  Examples of both steady state, as well as dynamic models, were presented.

The objective of this worship is to give the attendees an opportunity to learn by doing.  All attendees will be encouraged to set up and solve simple but meaningful MILP models.  The target production system is a simple boiler house.  Built-in (MILP) Solver in Microsoft Excel will be used, so all are encouraged to bring their laptops.

[1] “MILP – a Versatile Method for Production Optimization”, AIChE South Texas Section, December Workshop only Meeting, Houston, TX, Dec. 5, 2017

Speaker Bio:  Ravi Nath, Founder, Nath Technology Solutions LLC 

After 40 years of service to the process industries, Dr. Nath retired from Honeywell Advanced Solutions in June 2017. But before long, some of his former customers contacted him for help which prompted Ravi to start a consulting company to continue to serve the industry on a part-time basis.  Prior to Honeywell, Ravi worked at Engineers India Ltd, Akzo Chemie USA, Union Carbide (now Dow), Linnhoff March and Setpoint / AspenTech. Ravi is passionate about applying innovative yet practical solutions to solve Real-Time Optimization problems. Ravi holds a BS from IIT, Kanpur and Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Houston; all in chemical engineering. Ravi has many publications and holds 3 US patents. Ravi is settled in Houston with his family.