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2018 Season Pass

Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 5:00am CST to Thursday, November 1, 2018, 6:00pm CDT
In-Person / Local
United States

This coming year features many great speakers and topics at our STS AIChE Dinner meetings. Our Season's Pass program is a great way not to miss a single meeting! 

Over 35 of our members enjoyed the benefits of our 2017 Season Pass program such as:

  • One price to attend all eight monthly dinner meetings for the price of seven!
  • No need to register in advance for each dinner meeting
  • Your get to own our limited edition attractive name badge!
  • Announcement of your participation at each meeting
  • Includes the SPTC STS AIChE Dinner meeting

The good news is that we are offering the season pass for $131 per person, so there is no price increase for 2018. This coming year's meetings will feature different events and workshops.


We thank all those individuals who were Seasons Pass holders for 2017. We thank you for your support. We hope that you will sign up again for 2018!

If you have not taken advantage of Season's Pass program before, please consider its benefits and the convenience of never having to register during the year!

General Comments:

The STS-AIChE Season Pass offered the convenience of a single sign-up and single payment for of the technical meetings in the 2018 season. Season Pass holders also received priority sign-up for all special events. .

Season Pass holders are always recognized as patrons on the STS-AIChE web site and in our newsletter. This is a great way to show your support for your section at no additional cost. Season Pass holders are issued a permanent name tag – no need for sticky paper name tags. Your fellow members will recognize you as a patron and a supporter of your profession..

Season Pass holders receive a significant savings when comparing the on-site cost of the dinner meetings. No need to continue to monitor when meeting registrations are open. Save the hidden costs of multiple transactions and tracking the payments and reimbursements, if applicable.


I was a Season's Pass member in 2017, do I need to sign up again for 2018?

Yes, the 2017 list of Season's Pass members will be terminated after our December meeting.

As a Season Pass Holder do I need to register for each dinner meeting?

No, there is no need to register or RSVP for the individual meetings once you have made your payment to become a Season Pass holder.  We do however ask that you sign-in at the registration table during the day of the event at the meeting venue.

What if I cannot attend a dinner meeting?

Guests and visitors are always welcome. Feel free to send someone else in you place and just let them know at the door of the substitution.

What if I cannot attend the meeting and cannot find a substitute?

Even the most dedicated members cannot make every meeting.  The season pass is priced assuming that you will miss a meeting.  If you can provide at least a one week notice, by e-mailing the Treasurer at sts-treasurer@aiche.org,we can give you a guest pass for the next meeting.  That way, you can invite your boss to the next meeting to see what you missed!

I am a big supporter of the section, but I don’t want my name posted all over the web. Can I opt-out of the publications?

Yes, just let us know and we will not put your name on our list so that you can continue to fly under the radar. You always have the option of hand writing a name tag.

Will I still get in if I forget my name tag at home?

Yes. We keep a master sign-up list at the door. Patrons are at the top of the list! We have also implemented a new registration system, if you opt to keep your personalize name tag with us, we will store it for you and make it available for you at every meeting so there is no need to remember your name tag.

I normally sign up in advance. Am I still saving money?

Yes. The Season Pass is eight meetings for the price of seven.  You will also save the time and effort of multiple payments.

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