2022 STS Officers

2022 STS Officers

The STS Executive Committee would like to thank STS members who participated in the 2022 elections.  Congratulations to our new Officers!  Please welcome our 2022 STS Officers. 

Julie D. White, 2022 STS Chair

Andreas Matzakos, 2022 STS Chair Elect (2023 STS Chair)

Joseph Hernandez, 2022-23 Secretary (since 2020)

Yurika Diaz Bialowas, 2021-2022 STS Treasurer (since 2017)

Yasmine McColl, 2021-2022 STS Officer Position #1, Continuing Education, by appointment

Prof. Michael Wong, 2022-23 Position #2, Outreach

Kanjakha ‘Pal’ Pal, 2021-2022 STS Officer Position #3, Communications, by appointment

Dennis Griffith, 2022-23 Position #4, Human Resources

Ramanan Krishnamoorti, 2022 STS Past Chair