Fellows-Student Chapter Task Force Update & Input Request

Posted by Monica Mellinger on

The Fellows-Student Chapter Task Force is actively pursuing its mission of building relationships and actions that make Fellows an active and helpful resource to students of Chemical Engineering and Student Chapters of the AIChE.  The task force meets monthly and has developed a set of strategies that move us toward that goal. 

One of our aspirations is to connect Fellows with every AIChE Student Chapter, offering an experienced voice and advisor to students in a way that fits both the student chapter needs and the interests of the Fellows.  This could include career/technical advice, seminars, introduction of students to networks of experienced engineers or even discussions with students about challenging student projects.  These relationships will form a foundation for a number of other strategies that the task force is developing.

We want to hear from you! Please drop us a note at

  • If you are a Fellow with an existing relationship with chemical engineering students, let us know so we can include you in our early pilot and benefit from your experience.  Tell us the student chapter / school you are (or have been) connected with, along with a description of what activities/roles you have been involved with.  We are interested in all of the connections and activities you have been involved with, regardless of frequency or scale.
  • If you haven’t yet engaged with students and you’re interested in joining us, let us know via the link above!  And if there is a school that you have a particular interest in, let us know that as well.  Your interest could be the result of past affiliation, geographic location, or just the knowledge that you have something to offer. 

Thanks so much for your help!  We will keep you up to date with our progress in each issue of the Fellows Newsletter.

Fernando J. Aguirre, Harold Conner, Jr.

Annette Johnston, Stephen Martin

Robert Ofoli, Greg Yeo (Chair),

Monica Mellinger, AIChE Staff