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Fellow Nominations

Nomination Packet (Updated March 2020)

The Fellow Nomination Packet is a writable PDF file and provides guidance details on Fellow eligibility for the nominator and instructions for sponsors (a minimum of 5).

All nominators should review the following video for guidance on completing the nomination form.

AIChE Fellow Nominations Guide

The nomination form contains the following sections:

  • Nomination Summary – a concise documentation of the accomplishments and service addressing the criteria for successful nomination
  • Summary of professional accomplishments – specific accomplishments showing the impact of nominee’s career on the profession. For those with less than 25 years of experience it is important to show that the nominee’s career path would be at least as impressive as that for someone in the 25 year range.
  • Summary service to the profession – specific service accomplishments beyond what would typically be judged as career path requirements. Documentation of committee or other voluntary assignments undertaken and the value of the work product should be provided.

The nominator should ensure that the sponsor letters provide support for, and elaboration on, the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions citing personal experiences.

If nominators have any questions regarding the process that have not been adequately explained they should contact the Admissions Committee at adcom@aiche.org.

Nominator Check-List

  • Nominating Form is complete and signed.
  • Substantiating documentation is complete and is accompanied by a minimum of five supporting letters from Fellows or Senior Members (no more than two of which should be from the same organizational entity).

[Note: Substantiating documentation should be concise; for example, an exhaustive publication list or grant application compendium should not be included and resumes limited to 3 pages]

Nomination Deadlines

The Admissions Committee usually meets on the first Thursday of the months of March, June, September and December. Nominations must be received no later than the first day of the month prior to the month of the scheduled Admissions Committee meeting in order to be on the agenda.

Admissions Committee Meeting Cutoff Date for Nominations
First Thursday of March February 1
First Thursday of June May 1
First Thursday of September August 1
First Thursday of December November 1

Fellow Review Procedure

  • The Nominator's submittal is reviewed to ensure Nominee meets Bylaw requirements for membership status and years of membership.
  • The Nominator's submittal is reviewed by the Admission Committee, which then makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  • The AIChE BOD reviews the Admission Committee’s recommendation and makes the final decision on election to the grade of Fellow
  • If the AIChE Board approves the Fellow recommendation the AIChE Executive Director contacts both the Nominee and the Nominator
  • If the AIChE Board denies the recommendation the Nominator will be contacted by a Board appointee

Questions or Requests for Additional Information

Contact  AIChE's Customer Service Team at 1-800-242-4363 (International: 203-702-7660) or email  CustomerService@aiche.org.