2023 Fellows Survey Results | AIChE

2023 Fellows Survey Results

Thank you to all the Fellows that responded to the 2023 survey. Ninety nine (99) Fellows responded to the survey, representing 10 to 12% of all Fellows.

After careful review of the results and feedback received, the Fellows Council will undertake the following actions.

  1. Identify groups within AIChE that could benefit from involving additional Fellows as advisors.
  2. Communicate with the 58 Fellows that expressed high interest in being advisors to AIChE groups and ask them for their specific interests.
  3. Communicate with the 42 Fellows expressing high interest in making presentations to Student Chapters or Local Sections asking for topics they could present.
  4. Review the specific activities suggested by Fellows to determine which ones should be given emphasis or result in new initiatives by the Fellows Council.
  5. Ask the 22 Fellows indicating that they don’t receive emails how they learned about the 2023 Fellows survey.
  6. Request AIChE staff to verify whether any of the 22 Fellows indicating that they don’t receive emails whether they have set their profile to not receive emails from AIChE.

For details about the results that generated these actions, you can read the complete report HERE.